Review of Playmobil Toys

Playmobil is a great choice for children at least 4 years old up to about 12. At least 25 years ago Hans Beck started inventing these wonderful toys. He wanted something simple with flexible parts. Over the years these figures have developed, so that now the people have heads that swivel, legs …

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Playmobil Take Along Dollhouse

Parent Review of the Playmobil Take Along Dollhouse

We are so glad that we have a Playmobil Take Along Dollhouse. When my husband I started first looking for travel toys for our children for the trip to see my parents, we were excited about all the fun travel toys we had found. Between the Fisher

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Playmobil Pharaohs

Review of Playmobil Pharaohs

These days, parents often complain that their children are not learning enough through the use of the toys that are no longer educational. At the same time, some parents say that their children no longer exercise their imagination when playing. One way to teach children a little bit about history as well …

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Playmobil Police Station

Review of the Playmobil Police Station

Little girls have lots of fun when they play with their playhouses and toys. But, whoever said that playing with toy figures and toy structures are just for little girls? These days, little boys and girls can allow their imagination to run free with various scenarios that toys can recreate. …

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Playmobil Knights

Children need to always let their imagination run wild. While fairies and policemen may be what enters the mind of a child, sometimes it is something along the lines of knights in battle gear, medieval castles and the like which stems from stories like King Arthur and his knights. For those children who do love these …

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Playmobil Gladiators

Review of Playmobil Gladiators

These days, not a lot of children are familiar with the history of the world or even about other places that once held significance. Sure, movies and television may show children some information, while school definitely educates students. However, these things never really totally peak the curiosity of the children.

One sure …

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Playmobil Airport

Review of Playmobil Airport

When people think of the toys that little boys would like, the usual answer would be police cars, horses, dogs, and other commonly known as ,€œboys toys.,€ For the little girls, these are usually dolls, playhouses with princesses, fairies, ballerinas, tiaras, and other girly stuff. However, recently children have been showing an …

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Playmobil Fairies

Review of Playmobil Fairies

The greatest thing about children is that their imagination is so vivid that they can almost always picture out exactly what they want a certain scenario would look and feel like. For little boys it may be cowboys and Indians, or perhaps policemen trying to save the world. For little girls, sometimes …

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Playmobil Toys

Playmobil Toys for a World of Fun

Having five Grandchildren I have a first row seat in observing the toys that they receive and the ones that they truly love. Playmobil toys have been at the top of the list. Hans Beck, the wonderful inventor of the Playmobil figures wanted a toy that was simple but …

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