LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Set

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt is a perfect Easter gift for preschoolers. It will appeal to both boys and girls but because it is so cute it can serve as a way to get girls playing with Legos. The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt consists of 145 pieces. There are two figures – …

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Lego Friends for Girls

Review of Lego Friends for Girls

Lego sets aimed specially at girls are extremely popular. This past January Lego launched Lego Friends for Girls amidst a hailstorm of protest. In spite of being accused of being sexist Lego Friends was an immediate success. The Danish Lego company saw sales increase by 35%. It is estimated that …

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Lego Technic Snow Groomer

Parent’s Review of the Lego Technic Snow Groomer

Like most parents, I have always had a soft spot for Legos. As a kid, I loved playing with these classic toys. Now that I am a parent, I love buying all the different Lego sets that are available today for both my son and daughter. Both of …

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Lego Hogwart’s Board Game

Parent Review of the Lego Hogwart’s Board Game

As a parent, I try my best to buy as many educational toys as I can for my kids. The only problem I have is that many of these games are boring or just not fun for kids. The only learning toy I have found that both of …

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