Movie Bravo Vehicle Steel Crusher (H2) with Nitro Viper

Watch out Joes’. The Steel Crusher Armor Plated Vehicle (A.P.V.) is here and its mission is very clear; rip and tear through the streets of Paris and release the nanomite weapon and destroy the Eiffel Tower!

This is not just any vehicle, this is the unrelenting and unstoppable Steel Crusher A.P.V vehicle that intimidates its foes …

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Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1

Movie Bravo Vehicle Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1

How will the Joes’ answer the menacing and intimidating Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1 attack? They will not be able to withstand this mighty, fast and deadly aircraft no matter what they do. As the a military convoy transporting advanced M.A.R.S. industries nanomite weapons prototypes tries to make …

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Ninja Snake Eyes Figure

How will the G.I Joe team stop the powerful and unrelenting Cobras? With the help and training provided by the ninja master and military commando Snake Eyes. Extremely deadly, silent and mysterious, Snake Eyes received his martial arts training from the Arashikage clan and he is now using those skills he learned to train all …

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Cobra Arctic Assault Squad

Extreme Conditions Action Figure Pack Set 1: Cobra Arctic Assault Squad

G.I Joe forces had better be on guard. Here come the Cobra Arctic Assault Squad ready to bring the fight to them. These forces will stop at nothing less than victory and to them that victory means destroying freedom. The Extreme Conditions Action Figure Pack …

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Cobra Desert Assault Squad

Extreme Conditions Action Figure Pack Set 1:

Be ready for war and prepared for an all out assault as the Cobra forces are here and they are ready to take on G.I. Joe, stopping at nothing until they have achieved their goal. The Cobra forces know that in their quest to destroy freedom they will stop …

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Introduction to G.I. Joe

Ever wonder where the coined term ‘Action figure’ came from? This was all due to the creation of the ever popular G.I. Joe figurines. Back in 1963 when they were first created, the toys were designed after the four USA branches of the armed forces. The Soldier (Army), the Action Pilot (Air force), the Action …

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Introduction to Transformers Movie 2 Performance Track

Get ready for the ride of your life, as the Transformers Movie 2 Performance Track is here to put you right in the middle of fast-paced, realistic action. The performance track can lead you on many journeys and battles, as the Gnashing Vorts Grinder with glowing eyes will blow you away.

You will think you are …

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Transformers Movie 2 Leader Megatron

Many thought Megatron was dead, but that is not the case as he has been rebuilt using parts of other Decepticons. Being imprisoned and frozen by the humans, Megatron wants revenge on this planet. Now, after being rebuilt, Megatron and his legion of other Decepticons who loyally stand by his side waiting for his commands are …

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Introduction to Transformers

The Transformers have been around for some time now. In the same manner that they morph from a robot into another object so has the TV cartoon series as the years have passed. The original Transformers began way back in Japan in the 1970s’ although it was not until 1984 that the craze hit the U.S.A.…

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