Banzai Waterslides

Review of Banzai Waterslides

When parents and grandparents look for water activities for their children during the summer, they try picking pools and water slides that are not only fun for their children, but also worth the not-inconsiderable cost of the slide. One of the most well known brands, a maker of water slides that will …

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Banzai Slip ‘N Six Pins

Many parents love finding toys for their kids that are both exciting and fun, not only to keep their kids entertained during summer vacation, but to help keep them cooled off in hot weather. One toy that has been popular for many decades is the Slip and Slide, an inflatable water slide that lets children slide …

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Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon

Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon Review

If there is one thing that all little kids love it’s feeling like the big kids. The Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon is the perfect addition to any back yard if you are looking for a water slide that is a small scale model of the much larger, 17+ foot slides designed …

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Banzai Sidewinder Falls Waterslide

Banzai Sidewinder Falls Waterslide Review

You can expect your kids to make a splash as soon as they see the Banzai Sidewinder Falls Waterslide. With this fun water slide, your yard becomes a fun filled water park that will attract not only your kids, but also their friends from the entire neighborhood! Unlike many other …

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Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park Review

If you are looking for a fun, extravagant slide that will remind your kids of the water park, you should seriously consider the Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park. This huge park is over 23 feet long and 17 feet tall, amazing nearly anyone when they see this massive water …

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Banzai Baby Sprinkles Pool Review

When you first see the Banzai Baby Sprinkles pool, you will have to agree that this baby/kiddy pool is absolutely adorable. With its fun, cartoonish inflatable animals, children will enjoy both the visual appeal of the pool and the variety of different water activities provided by the water toys. Toddlers can wade in the pool, …

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Banzai Mega Bounce Trampoline

We are sorry for the inconvenience but this item is currently unavailable. If it becomes available we will be happy to let you know. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will put you on our notification list.

Meantime you might want to consider the Banzai Mega Bouncer. This Bouncer is slightly different …

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