Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1)

What happens when you combine the power of magnets, the excitement of transformation and the popularity of hit TV show? You get the exciting Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1) toy that every child in the world wants to own and play with. Many of us in the adult world have no idea when a …

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Bakugan For All Your Battles Widgets

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Bakubowl – Season 2 New Vestroia

Let the Games and fun begin and get ready for the Bakubowl – Season 2 New Vestroia. While adults have their Super Bowl, kids now have their Bakubowl. This is the toy children want to participate in, as it puts them right in the middle of non-stop action and endless fun.

The Bakubowl – Season 2 …

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Introduction to Bakugan

For most adults the world Bakugan sounds like a new teenage slang or something of the sort. However, for most kids today it signifies the name of a hit TV animation series and many exciting toys as well.

Bakugan originated in Japan and once it was adapted for American television the craze quickly caught fire. Now …

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