Pure Fun Rocker Seesaw

Pure Fun Rocker Seesaw For Pure Kid Fun Guest Post

Why a Pure Fun Rocker Seesaw? I have three grandchildren from the ages of four through seven. I am generally the caregiver for my grandchildren when their parents are working or just needing a sitter. I don’t mind watching my grandchildren, but they become bored …

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Review of Backyard Swings

Guest Post HearthSong Deluxe Platform Swing

First the HearthSong Deluxe Platform Swing, Nylon Rope and Padded Steel Frame – Green

Kids get bored easily. It is hard to keep them interested in toys for a long period of time. That is the problem that my son is having with his son and daughter. They already have …

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Round-and-Round Outdoor Rope Swing

Round-and-Round Outdoor Rope Swing Guest Post

My daughter has been begging her father to put up a tire swing, but I kept saying no, because I did some research on old tire swings and using an old tire is harmful and dangerous. The tire contains toxins and metal. Old tires also contain cadmium, which has been …

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IRON KIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground

IRON KIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground For Younger children

Guest Post

If you are tired of the same old swing sets offered at your local department store, then you should check out the IRON KIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground. I purchased an expensive swing set for my children a year ago, and I can guess …

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Flexible Flyer ,€œTriple Fun,€ Swing Set

Flexible Flyer ,€œTriple Fun,€ Swing Set For Outdoor Fun

How we found the Flexible Flyer ,€œTriple Fun,€ Swing Set. My husband and I wanted to surprise our grandchildren with a swing set that they could play on when they came to our home. We haven’t bought a swing set since our son was just a …

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