Freehand Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Freehand Mei Tai Baby Carrier Grandparent Review Guest Review

The Freehand Mei Tai Baby Carrier is introducing me to some of today’s innovative baby items. I am truly amazed at the products that are available for new mothers. It’s been over twenty years since my daughter was just a newborn and now that she is embarking …

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Boba Wrap Classic Carrier

Parent’s Review of Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier

Have you seen the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier? While I have tried quite a few baby carriers and baby wraps, I had never seen the Boba Wrap. I had seen it in reviews online, but had never personally tried it, mostly since I have other brands of …

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Ergo Baby Carrier

Parent Review of the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray

Over the past six months, all of my friends have been talking non-stop about baby carriers. Everyone has been asking my opinion on these baby backpack like carriers, and in all honesty, I had never owned one. If I couldn’t carry my daughters, I put them …

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