About Grandma’s Toy Review

Welcome to Grandma’s Toy Review. I am Pat Tate, a senior and a very proud Grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren. As our family has expanded we have had the experience of purchasing baby equipment and children’s toys. I have found that there are many more choices of these items than there were when our children were babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and growing children. This has made buying baby equipment and toys a real challenge. Talking to other grandparents I found that they too have had problems making the best selection for their families. I have started this site to share with you the toys that we have found to be the best. Our criteria for both the baby equipment and toys have been that they be functional, durable, fun, and engaging. In the this process we have become convinced that purchasing online produces the best price, often Free Shipping, and the best return policies. To have this equipment delivered in just a few days right to our front door is a real bonus.

At Grandma’s Toy Review, we welcome others to join us on this site. We value your comments and I think we can all learn from everyone’s experiences.

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