VTech Motion Learning

Vtech V.Smile V-Motion Active Learning System
The VTech Motion Learning System gets kids moving while they enjoy playing educational games. This gaming system is exciting and gets children involved through games that require that they move around. The more children move, the more successful they will be when they play on the The VTech Motion Learning System.

The VTech Motion Learning System is a game console that easily connects to your television with an A/V cable that is included. There is a controller with two game options and the controller can be used by children who are either right hand or left hand dominant. The VTech Motion Learning System uses ,€œsmartridges,€ that your child can easily insert into the game console independently.

There are two control options for each game on the VTech Motion Learning System. Children can either pick to use the motion of the controller to play, or use the joystick as a directional controller when playing. When they choose to use the motion of the controller to play, children must tip the controller up, down, left, or right which causes a corresponding motion on the TV screen. I absolutely love how The VTech Motion Learning System gets my kids moving while they play and learn at the same time.

There are numerous smartridge games to play on The VTech Motion Learning System. There is an ,€Action Mania,€ smartridge included with The VTech Motion Learning System so that your child can play as soon as the console is set up. Action Mania gets the action going fast with games like a bobsled race that teaches math skills, and tennis that helps with eye-hand coordination.
If you haven’t already decided to buy The VTech Motion Learning System, maybe knowing that it won the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval and the Creative Child Seal of Excellence might seal the deal!

Oh, you have already decided to get the The VTech Motion Learning System? I am not surprised. Just know that there is also a USB V-link device included, that lets you download bonus games from the computer and upload them to the VTech Motion Learning System!! For children ages 3-7 years old, this is a great buy and an excellent investment in educational learning and physical activity.

V.Smile Vtech - V.Motion Active Learning System - Pink

Included: Console, controller, wrist strap, 4 ,€œAA,€ batteries, 3 ,€œAAA,€ batteries, Smartridge (,€œAction Mania,€), V-link, and user’s manual. ,€¨

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