Touch and Learn Musical Bee

The Touch and Learn Musical Bee from VTech is a colorful musical toy that doubles as a crib mate and as an educational gadget. Your baby’s crib can be a makeshift little classroom with a cheerful teaching equipment. There is really no definite minimum age to start learning, why not begin it at the crib?

The Touch and Learn Musical Bee features:

  • Colorful and cuddly bee toy
  • Four interactive buttons that teach numbers, colors and shapes
  • Sound sensors to help soothe baby when crying
  • Motion sensor during play time mode
  • Light softly glows during sleepy time mode and playfully flashes during play time mode
  • Honey pot button starts the musical tunes
  • ,€œAA,€ batteries are not included

The four press buttons on the legs of the bee help teach your child about numbers, shapes and colors. The Touch and Learn Musical Bee is not just a simple learning tool. Shake it and you’ll hear fun sounds and upbeat melodies that your child will soon learn by heart. You can also press the honey pot button to activate music. Teach your little one where the buttons are located and you will soon hear him or her humming along with the song.

The motion sensor is activated during play time mode. Flashing lights are activated during play time mode while a soft glowing light is emitted during sleeping time mode.

Having a hard time putting your baby to sleep? Well, activate the sleepy time mode so that the Touch and Learn Musical Bee will play soothing nature sounds and lullabies that will surely lull your child to sleep. If the baby cries and wakes up, the sound sensor automatically activates the toy to soothe the baby and put him or her back to sleep. Because the bee is soft and plushy, your child will surely love hugging it while he or she sleeps.

Worried about hygiene? Worry no more as the Touch and Learn Musical Bee can be cleaned easily. Just make sure you don’t soak it in water else the electronic parts get damaged.

If you need an educational toy that doubles as a crib mate to lull your baby aged 6 months up to 3 years old to sleep, the VTech Touch and Learn Musical Bee is the perfect choice!

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