Movie Bravo Vehicle Steel Crusher (H2) with Nitro Viper

Movie Bravo Vehicle Steel Crusher (H2) with Nitro Viper
Watch out Joes’. The Steel Crusher Armor Plated Vehicle (A.P.V.) is here and its mission is very clear; rip and tear through the streets of Paris and release the nanomite weapon and destroy the Eiffel Tower!

This is not just any vehicle, this is the unrelenting and unstoppable Steel Crusher A.P.V vehicle that intimidates its foes with all of the weapons it has. The Bravo Vehicle Steel Crusher (H2) with Nitro Viper comes fully equipped to take on any city and take over any town in your quest for world domination.

The A.P.V. features a pop- up missile launcher that is ready to blow up anyone or anything that stands in its path. Although the enemy will do all it can to try and stop you from your mission, the weaponry and might of your Bravo Vehicle will be unrelenting in its mission.

Your child will be amazed at the many intricate details the Bravo Vehicle contains such as Flip-down missile storage bays and doors that open and close. There’s also a removable Iron Plow attachment as well. Your kids will stop at nothing as they replay scenes form the movie in their mind or create new ones as they go along. Drive thru the G.I. Joe forces and let no one stand in your way as you create mayhem and wreak havoc on the entire human race.

The Bravo Vehicle also comes with a Nitro-Viper action figure to lead the way in your army. The G.I. Joe forces will be no match for the Bravo Vehicle Steel Crusher (H2) with Nitro Viper and if they try to stand in your way simply blow them up and run them right over!

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