Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1

Movie Bravo Vehicle Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1

Movie Bravo Vehicle Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1
How will the Joes’ answer the menacing and intimidating Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1 attack? They will not be able to withstand this mighty, fast and deadly aircraft no matter what they do. As the a military convoy transporting advanced M.A.R.S. industries nanomite weapons prototypes tries to make its delivery, the Bravo Vehicle Gunship comes out of nowhere and begins an unrelenting and never seen before attack.

The Special Forces Team that is there to protect the precious and dangerous cargo has never seen anything like this Cobra Gunship in action. None of its many weapons can be a match for the Cobra as it blows up everything and anything in its flight path or on the ground. This Bravo Vehicle Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1 comes fully equipped and looks very realistic. Some of the features include opening doors as well as access to panels and cockpits to help you man the aircraft.

This awesome looking gunship will lead your child into a world of hours of imaginative fun as he mimics and plays out some of the eye-popping scenes from the Box office hit movie in his room, yard or anywhere he chooses. With the Cobra Gunship as part of his army he will have bomb loading capabilities plus a real looking rotating nose gun which fires missiles away. An awesome looking Firefly action figure is also included to help fly the many missions your child may have with the Cobra Gunship by his side.

The G.I. Joe Forces will never know what hit them when you surprise them with an airborne attack for which they will have no answer. The Bravo Vehicle Cobra Gunship with Firefly V1will help lead your Cobra team to victory! Bring on the Joes and let the Battles begin.

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