Little Partners Learning Tower Review

Parent’s Review of the Little Partners Learning Tower

Little Partners Learning TowerHave you seen the Little Partners Learning Tower? Like most children, mine love to do just about everything with Mommy. My preschooler loves the thoughts of helping me do laundry and even cook. The biggest problem we have, however, is that we don’t really have a safe step stool. Most of the time she is standing on one of our dining room chairs, with me very carefully watching her. While I was looking online for baby items for my sister in law a few weeks back, I got distracted and starting look at different step stools for kids. While I wasn’t seriously looking, I still bookmarked some things that I thought might be useful.

After I got home and was getting unpacked, I started going through all the step stools I had found with my husband. While we found a few that we thought were interesting, we kept going back to the Little Partners Learning Tower. While it was a bit pricey, we liked that it would take care of just about anything we needed – and even light enough that she could push it around without an adult. After a bit of discussion, we ordered one of these adorable stools. After a week of use, here is what we think of the Little Partners Learning Tower.

Little Partners Learning Tower: Assembly

Little Partners Learning Tower When the Little Partners Learning Tower arrived, I was expecting that it was going to be a pain to put together. Most wooden toys are very durable, but not very easy to put together. To my surprise, this stepping stool wasn’t just durable, but well made and easy to put together. With the assistance of my husband, we were able to put the entire stool together in less than ten minutes. Due to some people calling them a tripping hazard, we left off the optional feet. I am happy to say that it is still very durable without them.

Little Partners Learning Tower: Safety

Little Partners Learning Tower As a mom that is constantly worried about safety, I have to say that I love the Little Partners Learning Tower. This wooden step stool is designed to keep children as safe as possible by preventing falling when children are standing on the stool itself. As well, there is no chance of pinched fingers, making it perfect for little ones. This stool is also lead free and made with a non-toxic finish, making it perfect for children of all ages. While the chair claims it can hold up to 500 pounds and two children, I have not tried it myself. Based on my experience, there is enough moving room for my four year old, making her pretty happy! Like most of the toys I purchase, it is also meets and exceeds all ASTM standards.

Little Partners Learning Tower: Kid Friendly

Little Partners Learning TowerWant to know the best part of this children’s stepping stool? It makes my daughter smile. She is so proud that she can push this Little Partners Learning Tower around and help me out with a variety of chores. My son is also experimenting with climbing on this toy with the assistance of Daddy. While this would normally make me worry, I am confident with how safe this stool it is since it cannot tip and is safe for children of all ages. Even though I didn’t purchase it myself, you can also buy little kids accessories for it to turn it into a dollhouse, puppet theater, and more! If you are looking for a very safe and fun stool, this is it!

Little Partners Learning Tower: Others Think

So far, everyone in my family loves the Little Partners Learning Tower. This stool allowing my daughter to feel more independent, and I feel better knowing she has a safer place to stand while helping me in the kitchen. Really, I couldn’t be happier since this really made cooking so much safer for both of us! Based on our own experience, I can easily give this a 5 star rating. On, this children’s stepping stool has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the more popular items sold on the site. Here is what others have to say about the Little Partners Learning Tower…

” This is worth the cost!!!!!!!! I hesitated to buy this because of the price. Finally, my mom decided to buy it for my b/g twins for Christmas. They are 19 months old. This is hands down the single best piece of equipment, furniture, or toy we have for them at this point. They absolutely love being able to watch mommy cook and when I need to occupy them for 10 or 15 minutes, I scoot it up to the kitchen sink and let them play in the water. They can both stand on it at the same time and it is a great lifesaver and ARM saver. Have you ever tried holding twins up to watch you do things in the kitchen? Impossible.

The 6 year old neighbor girl down the street comes over twice a week when her mother works. We adjust the platform and viola! She can help out in the kitchen too! This tells me we’re going to get YEARS of use out of this. If my kids use it for the next five years, that means we paid roughly 30-40 dollars a year for it. That’s 15 dollars per kid a year. Is that worth it? I think so. My guess is that it will resell quite well, so we’ll make some of the money back.

As far as design goes… it’s a very well made piece of equipment. The screws are counter sunk and the wood is very good quality. It’s nice and heavy and there is no chance of it rocking or toppling. I can’t say enough good things about it. The twins climb in and out pretty easily and they love it. I’d recommend this thing to anyone. If you can only afford one high cost item this year, I’d consider buying this.”

” This is a well designed piece that has brought peace to our household. I am a chef and my then 16 month-old was miserable not seeing what daddy was up to. We used a chair for him to stand on until he took a nosedive off. This brings him up to counter height and he is a happy camper. This tower was easy to assemble, has a nice balance with form and function and is easily cleaned. I would recommend this to anyone and my 21 month-old climbs in and out with ease and couldn’t be happier.”

” If you owned one you’d realize why it was so expensive. It’s built like a rock. It doesn’t teeter and it’s designed to hold two children and it does. It’s indispensible at our house we use it multiple times a day. It’s adjustable too so it grows with your child.”

Little Partners Learning Tower: Where to Purchase

When I first went looking for a step stool for my daughter, I knew I was going to be purchasing it on Amazon. With my Prime membership, we got free shipping and it would arrive in less than two days, allowing me to have the Little Partners Learning Tower together and have fun baking with her right before Easter. Along with having free shipping, Amazon also had the best price online, something that was very important to me since we were already nervous about spending so much money on a step stool. I have to say I am glad we did! With great customer service and the best return policy online, who wouldn’t want to shop at

Little Partners Learning Tower: More Reviews

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