Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym Review

Parent’s Review of the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym
Have you seen the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym? Until I started looking for a little play area for new little niece, I hadn’t either. With my little niece coming nearly two months early, everyone has been frantically trying to get things together. The new parents were so unprepared that we were putting together the crib the day mommy was suppose to come home from the hospital. Luckily, she is a bundle of joy and we don’t mind too much that she decided to come early! The hard part was getting everything ready for her!

One of the things they were lacking was something for my little niece to play in during tummy time. I am one of those people who believe tummy time should start early, so I wanted to make sure she had a little play area that was not only comfortable, but stimulated her. After searching on Amazon for a bit, I found the,  Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym. This little play area was in our budget and looked like it might fit all of their needs. After having this little play set for a week, here is what we think of the Symphony Motion Gym!

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: Assembly

When I first saw the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym, I was worried it might be a bit of a pain to put together. In reality, it was very easy. We had the whole thing together, out of the box in less than ten minutes, including putting batteries in the music box. It really was that simple! The hardest part was putting the toys on the little mobile since a certain little baby saw them and decided she wanted them! Since this toy will eventually be for her, we considered this a very good thing in the long run!

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: Quality

Lamaze Symphony Motion GymAs with all toys that look cute, it is important that you look at the quality before you get too attached to the toy. One of the first toys I bought for my oldest daughter when she was born looked very cute but had some very serious safety flaws. Being an experienced mom, I looked over this toy quite a bit once it was assembled, making sure it was put together correctly and didn’t have any obvious issues. So far, I am very impressed with the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym. The hanging toys are very difficult for an infant to reach and do not come of easily. Really, it is the perfect toy for tummy time since it is soft and has no choking hazards.

Probably the best part of the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym is that it that the mat is washable. While this may sound silly, many of the mats are meant to be wiped down and cannot actually be thrown in the washing machine. Unlike those mats, you can throw the play mat right in the washing machine, allowing you to sit back and relax if little ones have an accident. For me, this would be enough to buy it right there, knowing how many of those mats I went through over the years!

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: Kid Friendly

Lamaze Symphony Motion GymProbably the most important part of the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym is that it is very kid friendly. This gym has an adorable pond design and gently sways while it is playing music. From what I have seen, the two music modes both last for fifteen minutes and are great at keeping a little ones attention. What my niece seems to like the most, however, is the little plush animals. She loves watching them move and looking at all the bright colors. While it has a teething leaf and a self discovery mirror, she is a bit too young for these features right now. As she gets older, however, I expect she will be playing with all of these different toys quite a bit. Right now, it is not only soothing, but a great way to keep her entertained as Mommy and Daddy relax.

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: What Others Think

I have to admit, the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym is one of the cutest little baby toys I have seen in a long time. It is not only practical, but cute enough that it can keep any baby’s attention. From our own experience with this little gym, I give it a 5 star rating. Others seem to agree with us as well since this Lamaze gym has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon – making it one of the more popular baby toys on the site! Curious what other parents and grandparents have to say about this gym? See some of the great things they have to say about it below:

” I don’t think I’ve ever written a review, but this gym has been such a big help I thought I should. Our 2-month-old baby is completely captivated by this thing. If he’s ever fussy and I can’t find a position he likes, I put him on the mat and about 75% of the time he’s happily gurgling and cooing and batting at the toys instantly. It’s like I threw the happy-baby switch. He can reach the toys, so he gets some feedback about where his hands and feet are, and there is crinkly stuff in the padded “floor” of the gym that he kicks enthusiastically. It has made it possible to take a shower or do quick chores, and I feel like he’s getting a lot more out of it than he would lying in his crib. The motion of the arch rotates everything enticingly and helps hold his interest. I do wish there was a setting with motion but no sound, but as baby toy sounds go, it’s not so bad, and honestly, he loves it so much I could handle much worse in the music department. It’s semi-portable–easy to take off the curved arms, and the bottom is foldable cloth, but the arms do not collapse, and they’re long, so if you’re traveling you need to have a big suitcase. I thought this was ridiculously expensive as baby toys go–especially since in my experience babies often like the packaging the toy comes in more than the toy itself–but this has been worth it. I might even buy one for a friend.”

” I spent 7 weeks on bed rest while pregnant. The internet gave me lots of opportunities to find “the best” (in my opinion). It’s a space theme which is gender-neutral and fun. I was bed-ridden with a computer. Why so I like this one do much? It moves. Check— most are stationary. So when your child is working on tracking, it stimulates that. The music (my favorite is the upbeat #3, as opposed to the more mellow #2)is not obnoxious. As added FYI, due to our child’s preemie status we qualified for Early Intervention. All of the professionals that come to our home think this is the coolest play mat they’ve seen. All I can tell you is we’ve been using it for over 4 months at this point and there is always a new developmental stage that this product is equipped to challenge my daughter with. Tummy time, back time, tracking, grasping, laughing, reaching. This is a the best activity mat I could find and I’m really glad we have it!”

” Our 8 week old daughter just loves this gym. It comes with a lot of attachments which are larger than the attachments in most gyms, she can actually reach them and hit them. The motion is the best part, she loves to watch everything move. Most gyms do basically nothing and have small things to look at. This gym is vastly superior to others we have used.”

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: Where to Purchase

Want to know where you can purchase the Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym? My preferred place for buying baby items in They have the best return policy when it comes to baby items, which is usually 90 days after the original purchase – allowing you to really know if the item is right for your family. If for some reason you decide the item is not right for you, you can return – no questions asked. With great prices and amazing customer service, why wouldn’t you buy all your baby items at Amazon?

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: More Reviews

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