Stride to Ride Learning Walker

Fisher Price - Laugh & Learn,„¢ Stride-to-Ride Learning Walker,„¢

There are milestones in every kid’s life and walking is one of the most important. Help your kid develop his or her skills at walking by giving him or her the Stride to Ride Learning Walker by Fisher-Price!

This car/walker toy is brightly colored and the hood of the strider is plastered with a happy and smiling face. Recommended for children between the ages of 9 months to 3 years, it is a versatile toy that can be a basic ride-on toy car and a walker at the same time. Your child will surely love sitting behind the steering wheel as you push the toy around. It also can also turn into a walker. Let your child hold on to the sturdy handle bar to help steady his or her balance as he or she tries to balance himself or herself while walking.

Stride to Ride Learning Walker features:

  • Colorful toy car with a smiling face at the front
  • Comes with a steering wheel, turning key, beeping horn, headlight knob, musical radio buttons and clicking turn signals
  • Teaches the alphabets, numbers, shapes, opposites and left & right
  • With fun music and sound, dancing lights and speech
  • Includes 3 “AA” batteries

Aside from serving as a ride-on toy and helping your child learn how to walk, the Stride to Ride Learning Walker can also teach your little one basic toddler-appropriate concepts such as alphabets and numbers. The strider’s hood also has slots for sorting shapes activities. With constant use of the walker, your child will easily remember where his or her left and right are as a voice announces whether the walker is steered left or right. Your child can also turn on the music buttons to hear 12 happy tunes including 3 sing-along songs and a human voice horn that says ,€œbeep.,€

Make walking an easy and fun way for your little one by trying the Stride to Ride Learning Walker by Fisher-Price!

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