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Parent Review of the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place

Bright Starts Baby's Deluxe Play Place
Have you seen the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place? As some of you know, my best friend has been preparing to have her first little girl. To help her prepare for her new little one, I have been busily helping her put together her nursery. While her husband was dead set against a pink nursery, she is trying her best to sneak in some pink items where she can – including a pink play set. Knowing that her husband wouldn’t let her buy one, I decided that this was going to be one of my little contributions to her baby shower – an adorable little play set for the new baby!

Since I Know what my best friend likes, I immediately went to Amazon to start looking for the perfect play set. , After a bit of searching, I found the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place. This set had great reviews and seemed to have a lot of fun features for little ones. While she couldn’t play with all of its features, it was something the new baby could grow into overtime, making it perfect for a first time Mommy! At the baby shower, we experimented with this play set since all of us brought our children.,  After some serious baby testing, here is what we thought of the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place!

Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place: Durability

Bright Starts Baby's Deluxe Play Place2While I wasn’t able to play with this toy for more than a day, it is more durable than most of the play mat sets for babies that are on the market. Most of the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place is made of a soft cloth that is easy to wash but not loose enough to make it a SIDS concern. As well, the set itself comes with a cute little pink pillow for tummy time, designed to let your little one have a comfortable area for rolling and moving around, without getting into too much trouble. Most of the toys for the set are plastic and designed to go in little ones mouths, like most toys for this age group. If you are looking for a playset that will easily last through a baby’s first year, and possibly a second baby, I think you will be very happy with this Bright Starts play set.

Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place: Parent Friendly

Bright Starts Baby's Deluxe Play PlaceIf you are a new parent, you have likely been overwhelmed by all the parent websites and magazines talking about baby development and what can happen if babies don’t meet certain milestones. When I first read most of these as a parent, I was terrified! Not wanting my best friend to go through all of this, I wanted a toy that would be great at stimulating my friend’s baby, encouraging fine motor skills, and would encourage her to enjoy tummy time. The Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place did just that – giving her more than five different ways to play, with each of the toys encouraging her to use different skills – from auditory to fine motor.

As for setting up the toy itself, it is very easy to assemble.,  My friend had the whole thing together in less than ten minutes, and had it apart, and in one of her bags, in less than two. What makes it truly versatile for parents, however, is the play mat. The mat itself can be laid out flat on the floor, or bent up to create wall around your baby, keeping pets and older siblings away from the new baby. While this isn’t meant for leaving your baby alone for long period of time, it does give you a little extra security, especially if you have overly playful cats like my friend. The only drawback I have to the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place is that it does take 2 AA batteries, so make sure to purchase some if you are planning on giving it as a baby shower gift!

Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place: Kid Friendly

Bright Starts Baby's Deluxe Play Place4For those of us with children, you are likely wondering how much little ones like this toy. I can tell you from personal experience that sometime the toys that look the best to a parent are the ones that children can’t stand. From what I have seen this isn’t the case with the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place. With its colorful design and variety of toys, kids seem to love it! With over eight different toys and eight loops for additional toys, this play set can easily keep little ones busy. From experience, however, little ones seem to enjoy staying at this toy for about 25 minutes. One of the main reasons I know this is, oddly enough, the little music bird. The little 2 in one musical bird plays nature sound or 20 different songs for up to 25 minutes. This music can be started by a parent, or by a little one bumping the bird. From our own experience, it seems little ones are intrigued by this toy for about this amount of time, making it a great way for parents to keep track of time. Personally, I thought this was ingenious! With all the cute toys on this play set, it is easy to see why most parents love the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place!

Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place: What Others Think

Bright Starts Baby's Deluxe Play Place5After having seen others play with baby play set, I have to say that I love the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place. This pink play set is durable and very easy to set up, making it a must for any parent with a new little girl. At the time of this review, this the pink version of this play set had a 4.5 out of 5 start rating, making it one of the more popular items sold on Amazon. Here is what other parents and grandparents have had to say about this play set…

” My younger sister just had a baby girl so I purchased this playmat for her. She loves it! She loves the colors and loves the fact that you can do so many configurations with it. I’m 100% sure her little one is going to love it as she grows/develops as well. And of course I love the pinks/colors of this item, every little princess needs pink accessories/play toys! This item was a little pricey but I think it was well worth the money spent.”

” We love this mat. Love the color (bright pinks, greens, blues), love the toys, the arrangement, the material! i like the fact that it can be turned into a box for a more compact/contained play area, and then expanded to a large mat. the pink bird plays music or nature sounds, and it also has an option where music/sounds only plays if the bird it bumped. my daughter learned to bump the bird to make the music play! I’m sure this is the same for all mats, but all of the toys are detachable so it’s easy to clean or use in the stroller/car seat. WE LOVE THIS MAT! 5 stars!”

” My daughter loves this. With all its various configurations and the ability to change out toys easily, we will get a lot of use out of it. She prefers this greatly over the Bright Starts Bouncer we got previously.

“She likes the music that plays and I don’t mind it either. The 3 settings are just right. There is off, on that plays for something like 20 minutes before timing out, and a setting that it plays one of several tunes if she pushes the button. She kicked the button once but isn’t old enough yet to know she can make it play, so we set it to the on with time out when we put her in it. I haven’t actually timed it, so guessing about it being 20 minutes, but what ever the length, it seems to be just right for her development and concentration level. Once the music is over she is usually ready to come out. But rarely wants out before the music ends unless she isn’t all that happy to begin with.

She slides off the little pillow within a minute or two, so I don’t bother with that yet. She just discovered the mirror but I think that babies prefer to look in a real mirror over these toy ones. I think the distortion is a put off because she will only glance at the toy mirror but loves to stare in a real mirror for 10 minutes or more.”

Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place: Where to Purchase

Want to know where you can purchase the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place?,  As I said above, I purchased the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place on They had the best price I could find online and offered free shipping on this adorable baby item.,  Also, while I love my friend, I wanted to make sure it could be returned if her husband did put his foot down about the play set being pink. Thankfully, there weren’t any issues but you never know with guys! Either way, if you want to get the best price and awesome customers service, I highly recommend purchasing the Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place on!

Bright Starts Baby Deluxe Play Place: More Reviews

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