Ninja Snake Eyes Figure

GI Joe Movie 12in Ninja Snake Eyes Figure

How will the G.I Joe team stop the powerful and unrelenting Cobras? With the help and training provided by the ninja master and military commando Snake Eyes. Extremely deadly, silent and mysterious, Snake Eyes received his martial arts training from the Arashikage clan and he is now using those skills he learned to train all the Joes’ in hand to hand combats.

With each move, he prepares them and gets them ready to fight the ultimate foes; the Cobras and their mighty forces that never seem to give up. This ready-for-action Snake Eyes figure is so realistic with his many weapons and movements that your child will spend hours playing and pretending to be a ninja warrior hero. The 12in Ninja Snake Eyes action Figure comes with a realistic sword for non-stop fighting action as well as realistic hand-to-hand combat sounds.

Snake Eyes is feared for being silent and mysterious, never revealing his face to anyone that is why he always wears a visor to conceal his identity and hide his face. Your living room will come to life with each sword fighting action scene you create in your world. The battle sounds will seem all too real and will end up giving you the most excitingly action packed fighting sequences ever. Call on your friends and invite them to come over, or go visit them ready to fight them and their armies armed with your loyal and skillful ninja warrior.

Snake Eyes is also ready with his grenade and gun by his side that help to make him all the more fearful to his Cobra enemies. All the weapon accessories are included with your Snake Eyes ninja action figure to help you defeat any enemy that would dare stand in the way of this ninja master called Snake Eyes.

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