Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple

Vtech Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple
Playing with the Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple a day keeps your child learning every day. This colorful toy from VTech is all you need to help your child learn how to tell time, memorize the alphabet and know at least one animal that corresponds to each letter.

Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple features:

  • A red apple-looking toy
  • 26 letter buttons with animal drawings
  • 8 modes of play
  • Light up buttons
  • Clock with rotating hands

The large, colorful face of the Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple makes it appealing for children, making their learning a fun experience. All the 26 letter buttons have letter-specific animal graphics to aid the child in making associations with new words-animal names and the alphabet letters. There is also an interactive game which asks your child to find the right animal. Don’t worry, the toddler will get it right sooner than you’ll expect because of the light-up buttons.

The interactive Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple also has a Music Mode where each of the letter buttons also corresponds to a certain melody that your child will be humming in no time.

The learning features do not stop there because the Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple also has a clock with movable arms which can help your child learn the basic time-telling skills. If your child is not yet ready for that, you can use the clock face to teach your child numbers 1 to 12.

If you are looking for the right gift to give a toddler aged 3 to 6 years, then, this could be the one. Let your child play the interactive learning games in the Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple where the helpful hints plus the unique reward sequences will keep him or her coming back for more until the toddler memorizes them himself or herself.

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