DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib

Parent Review of the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib
Have you seen the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib? For the past week I have been looking at different baby cribs with my little sister. She recently found out she was pregnant with her second child. While this has been very exciting, she has been very stressed about finding a second crib. At first, she considered buying a second version of her crib, but her husband didn’t like this idea, thinking the kids should have their own unique beds, especially since all the cribs they are considering are convertible cribs. Since I go through so many baby items, they asked me to help them find the perfect crib.

After looking on Amazon for a bit and talking to her husband, we decided to buy her three favorite cribs.,  Her favorite of the two cribs would be staying at their house, while the other two are being given to grandparents.,  A few days after we tested out the Athena Daphne Convertible Crib and Changer, her second crib was delivered by UPS – the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib.,  Having a DaVinci crib of my own, I was very excited to get this one out of the box.,  Here is what we think so far of the Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib.

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib: Assembly

Unlike some other baby cribs, the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib is a bit challenging to put together. Us ladies tried to put it together ourselves and we had to wait for the guys to come home from work. With both of the husbands working together, they were able to put together this crib in about three hours. Part of what made this crib so hard to put together were the instructions. They were only pictures and very hard to understand. The guys, however, didn’t seem to have too much trouble. Once the crib was together, however, it was absolutely beautiful!

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib: Design

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib
One of the things my sister loves about the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib is that it has a very clean look that is perfect for boys or girls. Even though you can’t see it on most pictures online, it also has a hidden drawers under the crib.,  This little drawer is perfect for holding linens and other small baby items. This is perfect for families who don’t want to use a dust collector like a bed skirt since the drawer gives a very nice, finished look to the crib. For parents who like a very traditional crib that is not too expensive, I can say that the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib is perfect!

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib: Usability

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib
When it comes to safety, the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib is just as good as other cribs that are on the market. It is made from New Zealand sustainable pine and is not only lead free, but phthalate free. For parents who try to have an eco-friendly, baby safe household, this is important since the crib has been exposed to very little toxins. Of course, it is also JPMA certified. I can’t imagine in this day and age buying a crib that did not meet these certification standards!

Like the name suggests, the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib can be converted into four different types of beds. It can be a traditional crib, toddler bed, daybed, and a full size bed. What is very unique about this DaVinci bed, however, is that it comes with the toddler rails! Since most companies usually charge extra for the railings, this is about $50 – $100 saved by parents when it is time to convert their crib to a toddler bed. From what I had seen in a local store that was displaying this crib, this bed looking beautiful as a toddler bed and can fit in tight places, making it the perfect crib for parents who have very little space for a nursery.

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib: What Others Think

From what I have seen, I have to say that the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib is an amazing crib! While it may not have the storage of the Athena Daphne Convertible Crib and Changer, it is perfect for parents who don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on a baby crib. I have always been a big fan of DaVinci products, so I wasn’t too surprised when I saw that the Piedmont had a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.com! So far, here is what other parents and grandparents have had to say about this adorable baby crib,€¦

,€œI am very satisfied with my purchase. It took me days to read different reviews on different cribs and prices I wasnt going to spend more then 250 so finally it was between this one, kalani, emily and stork craft tuscany and im glad i chose this one. The crib came exactly one week after i ordered it. The box was not damaged all the pieces were placed neatly in the box and well protected TODDLER RAIL IS INCLUDED. It took my boyfriend around 2 hours to assemble it with a small portion of my help(since im 8 months couldnt do much). If you pay close attention to the details in the instructions you wont have any trouble assembling it. The pictures of the parts arent exactly drawn correctly on the intructions but it shouldnt be a problem. The crib came out exactly the same as the picture. The drawer slides smoothly no problems assembling it(just this was the part that was drawn differently on the intructions) common sense will help figure it out. Inside the drawer it is split into 2 sections (i suggest one side for sheets the other for blankets). No scratches or dents on the crib. very sturdy crib and it looks like it cost more than priced. Color is true to espresso. I put my expectant daughters crib set on and omg I fell in love. I am totally in love with this crib and I have no regrets. I cant think of any cons, but if anything comes up I’ll make sure to update.,€

,€œThis crib is everything I expected it to be. The color is perfect and the quality superb. VERY simple to assemble, it took my husband and I an hour at most. The box we received it in was pretty beat up, but there was only one scratch on the wood. Thankfully it is on the back of the crib which is hidden. I had read another review saying that the photo is misleading about having a skirt and drawer on the crib at the same time, and this is possible. The amount of skirt that is seen from the front would just depend on the height of the spring piece on which the mattress lays. I think it is a wonderful crib, especially for the price. I would recommend this to friends, and already have!,€

,€œThis is a great looking crib. It’s very sturdy, practical and once you figure out what pieces go where, very easy to put together… even for those with prego brain like me. Looked around for weeks and always came back to this one. I’m very glad I purchased it. My baby will be very happy in it!,€

Where to Purchase the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib

Since we have plenty of time to choose a crib, we purchased all three of our cribs from Amazon.com.,  Not only did Amazon have the lowest prices online, but they have the best return policy. If we don’t like the look of the cribs or there is a problem, they quickly take the crib back or send out a replacement if it is damaged. While we are keeping the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib, it’s good to know that it can be returned if there are any issues. For parents who want to purchase a high quality crib without spending a small fortune, I highly recommend getting your cribs and other baby items from Amazon.

DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib: More Reviews

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