Cobra Desert Assault Squad

Extreme Conditions Action Figure Pack Set 1: Cobra Desert Assault Squad

Extreme Conditions Action Figure Pack Set 1:

Be ready for war and prepared for an all out assault as the Cobra forces are here and they are ready to take on G.I. Joe, stopping at nothing until they have achieved their goal. The Cobra forces know that in their quest to destroy freedom they will stop at nothing and won’t let anyone stop them either. The Cobra Desert Assault Squad is here and it comes with 7 distinct and unique action figures fully prepared to obey all your commands. These Cobra forces are known for being prepared to fight under any conditions no matter what those may be. Every one knows that extreme conditions call for the extreme forces. Those forces come in the G.I. Joe extreme Conditions Action Figure Pack set 1.

Each figure stands at 3.75″ tall and each are fully articulated up to the utmost minute detail. The Cobra Desert Assault Squad contains the following action figures;

  • the Flamethrower Trooper ready to put out any fire or start one with his powerful flamethrower.
  • The Hostile Environment Specialist, whenever special situations call for him to be there, he answers the call.
  • There’s also the Crimson Guard, the Explosive Expert, who is know for his love of blowing things up.
  • The Cobra Officer and Major Bludd;

and all are prepared and ready for war! Bring on the G.I. Joe’s!

Go out and call on your friends to bring their armies against yours and get ready to battle until the last man is left standing. Your kids will love the details that are put into each action figure as they take part of an imaginary battle world that knows no bounds and will never end. So get ready for an all out assault with the Cobra Desert Assault Squad at your disposal. Sir yes Sir!

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