Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat

Parent Review of the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat
Have you heard of the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat? Until recently, I had not either. With the girls in school, I decided I was going to do a bit more exercise during the day. One of my favorite forms of exercise is biking. One of my only problems with biking is my son.,  Years ago we had a child bike seat on my bike that I absolutely loved. Six months later, it was recalled. Not knowing what to purchase, I decided not to go biking unless my husband was caring for our son.

Thinking my reluctance at having another bike seat was silly, my husband went to work searching for a new child bike seat. , After a bit of searching and talking to some of his online friends he ended up purchasing the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat on Amazon.,  Having never seen a front position bike car seat before, I was very excited to give this seat a try! Here is what I think of this child bike seat after a month of use!

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat: Assembly

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat
Installing the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seatwas very easy on my bike. It claims to fit most adult bikes, except for bikes with drop style handlebars. The seat comes mostly preassembled and all you really have to worry about is mounting it on the frame of your bike. This seat is also designed to be moved across bikes if you have multiple mounting bars (which are sold separately), something I thought was very cool if we decided to eventually have my husband use it as well.

Being an engineer, my husband tested it extensively to make sure there weren’t any flaws in the seat or obvious safety issues. He claims it is much more secure than our old rear facing child bike seat.,  As a worried mom, this made me very happy! Along with being more secure, the seat also has a deluxe oversized buckler safety harness system for kids to help keep them secured in the seat at all times while you are riding.

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat: Child Comfort

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat
One of the things that impressed me so much about the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat was how comfortable it was for children. The entire seat isn’t just in a safe, comfortable position on your bike, but designed for your child’s comfort. Both the seat and back have extra padding, along with a padded shoulder harness. Unlike most other seats on the market, it is designed to support your child’s head while riding, something that is important for most toddlers. While children aren’t suppose to use this bike seat until they are at least one, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be comfortable! Along with the plush head rest, kids are also able to enjoy adjustable foot rests, keeping their feet from dangling during the ride and being in a dangerous position. As long as you follow the direction, this seat is perfect for any child under 40 lbs.

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat: Usability

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat
After testing out the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat for a month, I can say that it really takes very little adjusting for the rider. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going cross country with this seat mostly since it does affect your knee movements a bit, but it’s perfect for rides under about three to five miles. I can easily go to the store with this car seat attached without any issues. Part of what makes the ride so great is that the seat distributes it’s weight across the frame, making your bike a bit more stable when you are turning corners or after hitting a bump.

The only thing I found to be a bit tricky to get used to was peddling. You do have to change your stride a bit if you are long legged, but that is to be expected with a front facing car seat.,  If you aren’t careful, it is a bit easy to scrap your legs against the seat, but it doesn’t take much to adjust to this. Remember, you aren’t racing or seeing how far you can go, but bringing your child on a fun bike ride. So far, my son loves the view he gets from the Weeride Kangeroo child bike seat and is also giggling for me to go faster!

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat: What Others Think

Out of all the things I have reviewed over the years, the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat has to be one of my favorites! I had never been so excited about a child seat! My son absolutely loves being able to see everything I do while we are biking and seems to be more interested in the world around him – even more so than when we are walking around in his stroller.,  Currently, the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating making it one of the most popular child bike seats on Amazon.,  Here is what other parents and grandparents are saying about this bike seat…

” I went with this seat after trying to decide between this and the Ibert. I went with this seat because it had more padding and also had the front piece so that my son could rest his head. The Ibert would have to attach to the handlebars so that the seat would turn with the handlebars. This was a dealbreaker for me. I didnt feel it was safe to have him turn with the handlebars, especially if we had to make a sudden turn, I wouldnt want hom to get whiplash. The wee ride sits between the handle bars and seat, and is very stable. I’m 5’10” and was very comfortable with this seat on my bike. I did have to ride slightly bowlegged, however it really wasnt that noticeable. My son loved the ride, and we rode for 3 hours without any problems.”

” We tried both the rear mounted child seat as well as this seat and found this style to be so much more comfortable to ride with . I am on the small side and always felt unstable with my child on the back of the bike. With this seat I am so much more comfortable riding that we go all the time! You are able to interact with your child much more and can hear what they are saying when they point out things along the way.We don’t have the LTD version but I am thinking that I might just invest in it for my husband’s bike because we have been so happy with this product!”

” We bought this seat for our 1 year old son to ride in during our family bike rides. We love it and so does he! It’s so great to have him in front of me. The seat did not affect my balance at all, my bike doesn’t feel heavier and it only took a few minutes to get used to holding my knees out a bit wider to accommodate the seat (and I’m only 5’2″). It’s amazing to be able to lean down and talk to my son and point out things that we see. He actually fell asleep at the end of our first bike ride in it and I gently laid his head on the front pad and he was fine until we got home. We love this seat and we are so happy we found it!”

Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat: Where to Purchase

Having never seen a front position child bike seat, I was very excited to share this with the rest of my friends before putting it up on the blog.,  After searching for a bit they said it was not available anywhere else in our area. Some other places were selling it online, but Amazon had the best price on the Weeride Kangeroo Child Bike Seat.,  If you are someone who loves to go biking, I highly recommend you go to Amazon and see what you think of this child bike seat! Since they are also offering free shipping on this item you really can’t go wrong with Amazon!

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