Introduction to G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe
Ever wonder where the coined term ‘Action figure’ came from? This was all due to the creation of the ever popular G.I. Joe figurines. Back in 1963 when they were first created, the toys were designed after the four USA branches of the armed forces. The Soldier (Army), the Action Pilot (Air force), the Action Sailor (Navy) and the Action Marine (Marines) help to lead the way for the G.I. Joe forces as we know them today.

For many years now G.I. Joe has become widely popular among boys and kids all over the world. There have been many television shows shown all over and there are still some today. Recently, following the huge success of the Hollywood box office hit “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” movie, the mania has surpassed anything ever seen before.

Once again as G.I. Joe and his army of heroes battle it out with the evil forces of Cobra, many kids follow the TV anime shows as well as online adventures found each day. The detailing offered by the many toys available from Hasbro are amazing. Many of the action figures come complete with their own accessories making them all too real. The battle between the heroic and good G.I. Joe and his armies against the unrelenting and evil Cobra forces never end. With each chapter and episode new characters are added and new figurines to match are quickly offered as well. This helps to keep every child ready to take on his friends and neighbors as they battle it out in an imaginary world of figurine armies.

There are also many realistic planes and trucks available to complete the whole collection of the Armed forces as we know it. If you suddenly see your child saluting you its all because they all want to be a G.I. Joe!

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