Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle

Parent Review of the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle

Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle
We recently just purchased the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle for our office.,  Why in the world did we need another bed, you may ask? Don’t worry, I asked my husband the exact same thing.,  When we started moving all of our office equipment into the basement, we realized that we really didn’t have a guest room.,  With our daughters starting to have slumber parties and more of our friends coming to visits, we thought it might be nice to have some sort of bed for visiting children and adults.

While the girls were out with friends, we started looking at different furniture stores, and were truly surprised just how much a small trundle bed would cost. Knowing we didn’t have that kind of money to spend on a guest bed, we took our search to Amazon.,  After a quick searched, we immediately fell in love with the look and price of theCoaster Wood Daybed with Trundle with Cherry Fnish! After a small sleepover and finishing the office, here is what we think of this cute trundle bed.

Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle: Assembly

When the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle arrived, I was very intimidated by this bed. It came in three, very large boxes and I knew for certain there was no way I could put this bed together myself. Luckily, things were not so intimidating once my husband came home and showed me the bed looked scary because a lot of it was already pre-assembled. I don’t think I had ever felt so relieved in my life. The last thing I wanted was for this daybed to be a major pain for my husband.

Together, we were able to put this bed together in about an hour. The instructions for the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle weren’t the best, but they were workable. What made them so difficult was the fact that it was all pictures. In the end, however, we had a beautiful, sturdy bed that looked even better than the pictures I saw online. I have to say too that the antique bronze metal hardware really gave that last finishing touch to make this bed look perfect!

Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle: Usefulness

At the beginning of our search, I was determined I wanted a daybed with a trundle for the basement.,  What is so convenient about daybeds is the fact that they aren’t just designed to be beds, but a nice seating area. While a couch that turns into a bed might have been a good choice as well, we just didn’t have that sort of money to spend, nor the room for another couch., , 

The Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle allowed us to kill two birds with one stone by allowing us to have a nice seating area and guest bed.,  It is also nice that the veneer finish on this bed matches our extra furniture, making it really look like a nice tiny living room in the basement. The only bad part about this bed is that the girls love playing with the trundle. More than once we have found the dogs sleeping on the lower bed because the girls left it out and couldn’t figure out how to push it back under the bed themselves.

Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle: Family Friendly

I have to say that it really is nice having a bed that is not only one twin bed, but two with the trundle. My girls absolutely love sleeping on the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle when they have company. They refer to it as the ‘secret bed’ due to the trundle. It is always amusing seeing the look on other children’s faces when the girls pull out the trundle since everyone assumes that the faux front really are drawers.,  As well, this wood and whicker bed seems able to withstand the abuse of children since the kids have jumped on it more than once. Just in case, however, I have made a rule that there is no jumping on the trundle part.

Since theCoaster Wood Daybed with Trundle is in our office, I wanted to make sure it looked nice but also was comfortless enough for normal seating if we had guests over. Instead of using our current bedding, I bought the Paramount 5-Piece Twin Daybed Ensemble. This bedroom set on this bed makes it look more like a futon or couch in my opinion.

Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle: What Other Think

So far, I couldn’t be happier with the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle in a Cherry Finish. This bed not only looks elegant, but allows us to really have two guest beds in one, along with a cute sitting area for our daughters when they are downstairs. Currently, this trundle bed has a 4 star rating on, making it one of the most popular trundle beds on the site. I would personally recommend this bed as an inexpensive guest bed, or as a cute kids bed for any girl who constantly has friends over. Here is what others are saying about this adorable bed…

” We are very happy with this daybed. It was easy to assemble, sturdy and nice. I’m pretty sure that it is also comfortable to sleep on it. It’s also easy to bring them down to our basement because it came in 3 or 4 relatively small boxes. One person can bring the pieces/boxes into the house easily.” ~ Sarah from Illinois

” Ordered this Item for my granddaughters and looks perfect well made and they love it, was easy to assemble” ~,  Donna from Indiana

” I was excited with the purchase of the bed from Amazon and couldn’t wait to start assembling it. The bottom line is, the bed feels very sturdy and I absolutely love the cherry finish and the accents. My only problem is for the price of the bed I expected to get better quality hardware. The framing where the slats are screwed into are not pre-drilled and the screws that are supplied are very soft-they strip easily. I had another issue with a part and thankfully Visiondecor’s customer service is very professional and sent my replacement part with no hassle. I would recommend this daybed to anyone.” ~ Kevin

Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle: Where to Purchase

After searching all over for a bed, we finally found a cute trundle bed we liked on Amazon. They had hundreds of cute beds in our price range, allowing us to pick the right bed that we thought would look perfect in our basement office. Even though it wasn’t as crucial that we got the bed right away, we were happy that the Coaster Wood Daybed with Trundle came very quickly and was delivered right to our door.,  While it is one of the few items on Amazon with shipping charges, it was still much cheaper than anything in our area, making it the perfect bed for the price for our little combined guest room and office.

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