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Parent Review of the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House

Calico Critters: Deluxe Village HouseDid you know there are two Calico Critters mansions – the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House and the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Mansion?,  We didn’t know until recently either! As some of you may know, my kids absolutely love the Calico Critters.,  While they have only been into these toys for a little under a year, you wouldn’t know it with how many toys they have scattered around our house, including all their various Calico Critters houses. During our trip back from seeing their godparents and the Cincinnati Zoo, our girls both got the Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set for their trip home.,  With how much the girls loved these sets, I was very happy that they could have Calico Critters that could keep them busy on the trip home.

When we got home, however, we were quite shocked to see a very large box on our porch.,  Since I had not ordered anything, I was quite baffled what could be waiting for us. Once the box was inside and opened, however, my husband and I were quite shocked to see the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House.,  Until opening the box, I had never even seen this house, never mind another house that was comparable to my eldest daughter’s Calico Critters Cloverleaf Mansion. Even though this house has only been here for a couple of days, it is already the talk of the house.

Calico Critter Deluxe Village House: Durability & Setup

Calico Critters: Deluxe Village HouseLike most of the Calico Critter houses, the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House does not come with any dolls or furniture. This is a major disappointment to many parents, but you really don’t understand this until you see the house itself.,  This three story house is absolutely huge with nine rooms for your daughters to decorate, not including balconies and porches. There really is very little installation for parents, other than putting stickers and small pieces on the house items.,  Putting on the doors and different railings throughout the house isn’t a huge deal, mostly since your daughters can help with their own little hands.,  Kids especially love playing with the two attachable front porch lanterns that turn on, making setup especially fun when they find this for the first time.

We found that the hardest part of setting up the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House was actually placing some of the detailed stickers.,  While little hands are good at this, they aren’t as detail oriented as some adults.,  If the stickers are put in the wrong places, they may not care, but it may take away from some of the houses realism. Overall, I would expect to spend about a half hour to forty five minutes assembly and setting up this house.

Calico Critter Deluxe Village House: Kid Friendly

Calico Critters: Deluxe Village HouseOne of the most fun things about the Calico Critter houses is that they look and act just like real houses.,  The dolls can look out windows, open and close doors, and even walk up a fancy spiral staircase. During the day, the dolls even like to greet their neighbors from their secondary story balcony, something that is very common when my oldest daughter has her dolls visiting from her house in her Calico Critters Convertible Coupe.,  With all the different pieces and sets that we have in our house, it is easy to see why my youngest daughter love having the new house living in her bedroom.

Being the cool godparents that they are, the girls also got two new families to go along with their new house. My oldest daughter got the Calico Critters Yellow Lab Family, while my youngest got the Calico Critter Wilder Panda Bear Family.,  Having never seen these dolls, the girls were ecstatic to have these dolls moving into the new home.,  With so many different dolls and houses, it really is appropriate to say that the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House really is part of its own small village in our household!

Calico Critter Deluxe Village House: Affordability

What surprised me the most about the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House was that it was not as expensive as I had original thought.,  After looking at the invoice and other houses that were being sold on Amazon, it was one of the cheapest Calico Critter homes that is currently being sold online.,  While this may seem like a lot of money upfront, it is much cheaper than a Barbie house, or for that matter, a traditional wooden doll house. Since my daughters are much more interested in the little animals than most dolls, I consider it a bargain with how many hours my girls have been playing with this house and all of the other different Calico Critters sets. Even though you do have to buy furniture and people for this house, it is fairly inexpensive when you take into account that the house and all of the pieces could easily last for decades.

Calico Critter Deluxe Village House: What Others Think

So far, my daughters absolutely love the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House. While the newness of it hasn’t worn off just yet, I expect that the girls will play with this house just as much as the Cloverleaf Manor.,  Since my oldest daughter has a mansion in her room, we are likely going to keep the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House living in my youngest daughter’s room. Already they are sharing furniture back and forth, and having the Calico Critters Convertible Coupe driving to the different homes.,  I really couldn’t be happier with this cute house. Currently, it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular doll houses on the site.,  Here is what others parents and grandparents are saying about this house…

” After months of research and numerous trips to the toy store I sadly opted to get this plastic dollhouse instead of the eco-friendly Plan Toy doll house. I am EXTREMELY happy for choosing this one because my 2 year old daughter LOVES it. She always preferred playing with the Calico than the wooden ones in the store. The furniture, dolls, house, clothes are more aesthetically pleasing for a child than the big, plain wooden ones. My daughter wasn’t into the wooden dolls nor the house and furniture. The Calico Critters, also known as Sylvanian Family, has a more realistic look to it. Granted the dolls are animals but most kids will gravitate towards that due to its cuteness. The dollhouse didn’t come with any Critters or furniture but that is ok. You can really “decorate” the house in any manner due to the great selection of furniture sets. The house is big and has three stories, 6 rooms and a deck to fill it up. Not all the furniture will fit into the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. So you may have to put those to the side. House comes completely built only thing you need to do it add the “gates”. Wished the ladder had a hook or something to hang on it just keeps falling down. Most of the windows open which is great. This house feels sturdy and will last for sometime. BTW, the furniture sets has some extremely small parts. I have put them away for now until she gets older. I am not afraid of her putting them in her mouth just losing them. Overall, house is great and if you are debating on what kind of house to buy just take them to a toy store where they have either wooden or plastic or both. Your little one will tell you.”

” Our two year old daughter plays with the house multiple times a day for the last 3 months and she has never been into these kinds of toys. She has long preferred things that bang or make noise. Lets just say this could be some quiet time for you all!”

” My husband and I gave this to our daughter last week for her third birthday, it is a huge hit! She already had quite a few sets of furniture so she was ready to roll with this house. It is well made and while we still make sure she is careful with it, it is not incredibly fragile. I’ve seen complaints that the accessories are too small for little kids, and for solo play for a 3yr old I agree. This house is set up in my daughter’s room and she plays with other toys in it (like f.p. little people), but then at least 5 times a week we spread a sheet out on the floor, get out all her tiny accessories and we play for hours. If she wasn’t so good about not putting small things in her mouth I probably would keep the smaller stuff put away until she was older but we’ve never had that problem.
I would recommend this doll house to anyone looking for one intended for their young daughter, or even just older collectors. The detail is pretty amazing. There is a small amount of assembly required – railings, front porch lights but that took all of 5 minutes. I’ve also seen complaints that the furniture sets don’t all fit in this house- which is true but that hasn’t been a bad thing for us. My daughter uses whatever furniture she can’t fit in the house to furnish a smaller house, because what fun would it be if her critters didn’t have friends! Playmobil figures also fit pretty well with this house and furniture so those have been incorporated into play as well. Just an amazing little house. It was more than I intended to spend on a three year old, but I can’t complain about the quaility for the money and the fact that I think this will be played with for many, many years. This is the kind of house that can become a family heirloom!”

Where to Purchase the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House

Even though I knew I shouldn’t have looked, I did find the invoice for the Calico Critter Deluxe Village House in the box for this house.,  I know this is usually bad etiquette when it comes to gifts, but I was really curious how this house compared to our daughter’s Cloverleaf Manor. I was surprised to find that this big house was at least $50 less than what we paid for our manor, making it an absolute steal on,  While it doesn’t come with any furniture or characters, it is the perfect house for parents who want to get their daughter a high quality dollhouse that could easily be passed down to another child. With the houses inexpensive price and free shipping, parents can’t go wrong with this house!

Calico Critter Deluxe Village House: Other Reviews

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