LeapFrog Learning DVD Set

LeapFrog Learning DVD Set
LeapFrog Learning DVD Set comes with a set of three DVDs and 26 flash cards. Each DVD is presented as a storyline with fun activities that keep your child engaged. ,€œLet’s Go To School,€ is the DVD to use first because it introduces your child to the school environment in general. With characters Tad and Lily, they show kids who are watching the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set that it is okay to be nervous about starting school. To make kids feel even better, they show typical classroom materials being nervous like a set of blocks and a clock. ,€œLet’s Go To School,€ gives an introduction to counting and letter skills, as well as classroom routines such as learning the calendar and telling time. ,€œLet’s Go To School,€ is for children ages 3-6 years old.

The next DVD in the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set is ,€œLetter Factory.,€ In Letter Factory, Tad and Lily are joined by Leap as they head to an adventure to Letter Factory. ,€œLetter Factory,€ is led by Professor Quigley who gets the kids learning in an engaging, and interactive way. Through activities like letter J’s jumping or letter K’s practicing karate kicks, children learn letters and letter sounds. Also on the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set, the character, Tad, takes on the role of a child not yet exposed to letters and letter-sounds. While Leap and Lily are successful, Tad increases his letter and sound awareness by visiting letter rooms that are each dedicated to a letter of the alphabet. In each room, there are animals and activities that further reinforce letter sound awareness. This LeapFrog DVD is great for children ages 2-5 years old.

The third DVD in the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set is ,€œTalking Words Factory.,€ In Talking Words Factory, characters Lily, Leap, and Tad find out how letters make words. There are amazing machines in the Talking Words Factory, and the word machines pull all the learning together in the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set. When the characters are chosen to make words for the Talking Dictionary, they are assisted by machines like the Word Whammer that ,€œwhams,€ letters together to make words, and the Sticky-Ick-O-Rama that makes sticky vowels. The Talking Words Factory is for children ages 3-6 years old.

I can’t say enough about how great the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set is for my preschoolers. No matter how many times they see it, they enjoy it like it’s the first time. The characters and storyline is what makes learning fun. I believe that preschoolers soak in learning when they’re connecting what they are learning to real life. The LeapFrog Learning DVD Set gives children a concrete learning experience that they can apply to their own real life experiences as soon as they’re done watching the LeapFrog Learning DVD Set.

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