Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Parent Review of the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race
The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race arrived with the Grandparents. A few weekends ago, my family celebrated my son’s first birthday. Since he is the first grandson of the family, the grandparents decided they were going to throw a big birthday party for him, where all the grandkids and neighborhood were invited. Even though the party was for our son, the grandparents wanted to take care of all the planning and purchases, leaving us having no clue what was happening until toys arrived from Amazon, and grandparents came with the rest. It didn’t take long for us to realize they were planning a large summer pool party. Even though our son may not be able to play with many of the water games, we knew the other kids in the family would absolutely love them, including my daughters!

One of the water toys that have been getting a great deal of attention from my daughters is the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race. While we weren’t for sure what to think of owning a waterslide at first, we have to say this slide has gotten quite a bit of attention from all the neighborhood kids. After a few weeks of use, here is what my family thinks of the , Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race.

Assembly of the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race
When I first started helping my husband assemble the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race, I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated. Since the toy is so large, it is a bit heavy when it’s not blown up, taking both of us to really get it out in the yard. Laying it out really was the hardest part, since once you had it outside, it is really just hooking up the blower and the hose to this waterslide. Getting the hose attached can be a bit tricky, but once you have done it once or twice, it is very easy to set up. It takes about two to three minutes for the blower to blow up the entire toy, with the whole toy needing about ten minutes to set up from start to finish. Completely assembled, it was about 105 inches high, giving little kids a nice climb without being too dangerous.

Before letting kids on the toy, it is important for parents to remember that the blower should always be running since it guarantees it stays inflated, avoiding unnecessary injuries. Of course, there is also a safety net at the top, just in case someone does slip. In my opinion, the only drawback to the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is that it is a bit difficult to dry. Usually I dry this toy by getting as much water off of it as possible with a wet/dry vacuum and then leave it out on the patio to air dry for a few days before putting it in its storage bag.

Durability of the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

In the past, my husband and I had considered purchasing a waterslide for the kids, but always decided against it since most slides only last one summer. When looking at this slide, online, however, I was shocked that many families have been using this slide for three or more years! Unlike other slides that are known for ripping, the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is made out of durable puncture resistant plastic that is able to withstand the abuse of small children who love to roughhouse on toys. Even being out in the sun, the toy looks as good as new, and we feel comfortable leaving it outside for most of the day blown up since it is staked to the ground. This toy also comes with a year limited warranty and a repair kit, allowing you to feel confident you are getting the most for your money.

Kid Friendly Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

If I had to pick one thing I loved the most about the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race, it’s that my kids absolutely love it! This inflatable water toy has two slides, an inflatable rock wall in the center, and a very large dump pool that has enough room for at least four children to swim and have fun. It is especially fun watching the girls climb the rock wall, since you always hear them giggling when they are getting dumped with water from the built in water bucket on top. Of course, the slides are the most active part of this toy, which have built in spray hoods to keep the surface always slipper and fun for the kids.

While the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is a fairly large toy, I wouldn’t recommend more than four children on the toy, just to keep things safe. The toy is designed for children between 3 and 8, but with this age group, it is very common to have quite a bit of rough housing. Since the toy can hold up to 350 pounds, this also makes sure that their rough housing doesn’t accidentally break their new favorite summer toy. At the party though, it wasn’t uncommon to see at least six little kids on this water toy, but I want to guarantee that the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race lasts multiple summers.

In the Box

  • ,€¢ Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race
  • ,€¢ Stakes
  • ,€¢ Heavy Duty Blower with GFCI
  • ,€¢ Repair Kit
  • ,€¢ Storage Bag
  • ,€¢ Instruction Booklet

What Others Think of the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

My family and all the neighborhood kids absolutely love theLittle Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race. Even after the party, my kids are still playing on this waterslide. While it may seem expensive at first, it is worth every penny with the hours of fun all my kids have had playing on this water toy. On Amazon, where it was purchased by the grandparents, this slide has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. Nearly everyone seems to love this slide as much as my family! Here are some of the things parents and grandparents have had to say about the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race!

,€œJust put this up for the third summer in a row, I’ve been very pleased with this slide. I owned a banzai for one year before it completely disintigrated, it was heavy and didn’t hold up well to the sun. This Little Tikes slide is still bright and new-looking and has put up with hours of rough-housing from not only my kids, but all the neighborhood kids as well. I highly recommend the Little Tikes brand over the Banzai brand.,€
,€œThe Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race was a lot of fun for the kids. It is of course a bit heavy (if you are small you may like help moving it – or use a dolly). I weigh about 115 and can carry it but it is all I want from the garage to the back yard. It is really quite easy to set up – hook up the air pump and it blows itself up. The pump worked very well, blew the toy up in extremely short time, and it maintained the structure of the water toy with 10 kids climbing around on it. The kids enjoyed dousing each other with the “water bucket” at the top. The hardest thing to put together/on the toy was the tube carrying the spray water to the top of the structure, but still only took about 10 minutes. The storage bag which comes with it is plenty generous so that it is not difficult to stuff it in. The kids at the birthday party who played on this toy had lots of fun and ranged in age from 2 to 8. I would recommend this toy.,€
,€œWe just purchased our second Rocky Mountain River Race Slide. Our first slide lasted 3 years! Let me tell you, those 3 years were years when my kids and their friends played on that slide from the time they work up until I made them come in for a late dinner as the sun was going down. The durability of this slide is amazing. The slide is easy to assemble and to take down. Although the slide is heavy to pull around or to put away, this is really a tribute to the durability of the product. I believe the heaviness of the plastic, which makes the slide heavy to roll up and put away, is the reason the slide stayed “leak free” for 3 years. I know that the price of this slide is on the high side for many families, but for the amount of entertainment and exercise my kids (and the neighbor kids) were able to get from this for 3 years, I think the slide is worth every penny, and then some. My kids are now 10, 8, and 4, and they will all still enjoy our new slide. I highly recommend this slide for the ease of assembly and take down, for the entertainment value, and for the durability.,€

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Where to Purchase the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Since the grandparents were working together to make this summer party happen, they purchased everything for the party, including the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race on From what the grandmothers told me, Amazon had the best prices on different water toys for the party, and gave them the largest selection of toys to choose from to guarantee that all their grandkids had a wonderful time at my son’s first birthday party. As well, everything arrived at least three days before the party, allowing us time to get everything together without having to stress about toys not arriving in time. With good prices and free shipping, how could you go wrong with Amazon?

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