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Parent Review of the Wishbone Bike

Wishbone Bike
How we come to have the Wishbone Balance Bike. Last week, my youngest had his first birthday. While we were originally not planning a big birthday party, both grandparents decided they were going to come into town and have a big first birthday party for our little man. As my mother said, he will only turn one once! Being the first little grandson in the family, I had a feeling they were just looking for an excuse to see him! When everyone came to the party, we were surprised at just how many gifts were purchased for him. My oldest immediately looked at the stack of wrapped presents and complained that he was one spoiled little brother!

While he got a lot of gifts, our little guy was immediately intrigued with one rather large box that came from my mother and father. Having not sent out a wish list or setting up a registry, we had no clue what my parents had decided to purchase. After a bit of creative unwrapping, we were surprised to see the cutest little balanced bike for toddlers – the Wishbone Bike. Since we had never had a bike like this for the girls, I had no clue what to think of it but my little guy was immediately intrigued! After a week of watching and helping my son ride this bike, here is what we think of the Wishbone Bike!

Durability of the Wishbone Bike

The assembly process for the Wishbone Balance Bike was very simple and required only the most basic of tools. Like most wooden toys, this toy is built to handle quite a bit of abuse and could easily last through multiple children as long as parents properly care for this bike. I personally don’t allow my children to leave any wooden toys outside since I am so fearful that the rain will ruin these toys. What really impressed me about this bike was that it was large but not heavy. The bike is bulky enough to give children the balance they need for riding it as a tricycle or a balanced bike, but is also very light. On the package, it claims the bike is only a little over 8 lbs, but it feels lighter than that to me. Since I will usually be helping my son ride this bike, I am happy that it is very easy to transport!

One of the things my mother told me about the Wishbone Bike was that it is the largest balanced bike on the market and is more adjustable than most kids’ bikes, making it perfect for tall kids. The seat for this bike can adjust anywhere from 11″ – 18″, giving children a wide range of adjustments as they are growing. The bike itself can also accommodate children up to 66 pounds, making it perfect for children who are 12 months to 6 years of age.

Like most toys that are given to us as gifts, I spent quite a bit of time reading up on this toy to make sure I liked it before letting my son ride it. I always have this fear that I am going to put my son on a recalled toy. Currently, the Wishbone Bike exceeds the current safety standards not only in the United States, but Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. One of the only problems I found with the bike through my reading is that some people had problems with the seat falling and not staying adjusted. I asked my husband about this and he said this is a common problem with bikes if people aren’t installing the seat properly. So far, we have had no problems like this with our son.

Kid Friendly Wishbone Bike

Wishbone Bike
When I buy my son a toy, I expected it to usually only keep his attention for about fifteen minutes at a time, if I’m lucky. For some reason, he isn’t going with his normal pattern and is spending quite a bit of time playing with his Wishbone Balance Bike. He is still fairly young, but he has already figured out how to go forward and backwards. He can so far only turn with the help of an adult, but I think this skill will likely come with time. So far, we have only had one problem with the bike, and that is he sometimes hits the rear bar when he is riding this bike with his foot. Being the paranoid parent I am, I started worrying that this may cause him to trip on the bike or lose his balance while riding. While this has never happened, I make him wear shoes when he is riding this bike to keep him from hurting himself. With shoes, he doesn’t seem to be having this issue.

When looking at the literature that came with the Wishbone Bike, I was surprised just how much this bike had to offer for little ones. This toddler bike is designed to be three bikes in one – a tricycle, a small running bike, and larger balanced bike when it’s flipped for older kids. We have not tried anything other the tricycle setting since my little man is so young, but I expect we will be getting quite a bit of use out of this bicycle. As someone who had never seen such a prebike like this, I can say that I am very impressed with the Wishbone Balance Bike. Most important, my son loves the Wishbone bike!

Eco Friendly Features of the Wishbone Bike

As a family that cares a great deal about the environment, I was very happy how eco friendly Wishbone seems to be with their products and packaging. I always feel guilty buying toys filled with unneeded packaging and waste that is just going to be thrown in the trashcan. All of the packaging and instructions for the Wishbone Bike was made from recycled paper and non-toxic ink. This is important to my family since we know that trees weren’t killed just so the bike could come in a nice package. We also recycle as much as we can in our household, and are happy that that if we decided to not keep the box, it can be recycled as well!

It also impressed me how much conservation meant to this company. The wood for the Wishbone Bike came from a sustainably managed forest and the plastic tires themselves were made from 60% post consumer recycled plastic. Even though I had never heard of this toy company before purchasing this bike, I am planning on looking into more of their toys since I love supporting toy manufacturers that are conscious about how their products impact the environment.

What Other Think of the Wishbone Bike

I have to say that the Wishbone Bike is one of the most adorable kids toys I have seen in a long time. Unless you already have a tricycle in your household, I recommend purchasing this bike since it will not only save you space, but money in the long run. Currently, the Wishbone Balance Bikehas a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, making it one of the company’s most popular toys. Here is what some other parents and grandparents have had to say about this cute bike!

” I bought this bike for my 12-months old boy after he managed to ride it out of the store himself, on his first try!!! With his age of course only a few minutes per ride, but he is learning quickly. What a perfect bike, very stable, easy to steer. My boy is now 13 months old and he now races this bike through our living room/kitchen as well as outdoors, never falls and has lots of fun!”
” We LOVE this bike! Our 18 month old son is so good at doing the tricycle version. He loves riding in the street with his big sister. This bike is actually really cool looking. Our son figured out to push with his feet and pick up his feet in 8 seconds on this bike. Amazing! Yes, they hit their feet on the bar in trike mode but it doesn’t bother him and he will adapt. It’s fine. This bike is FAST! so be warned it is a little hairy watching your son go that fast so young. I recommend this bike ten times over! I really do. I got the bike on sale and it is more than worth the money I spent. If I were to pay full price for this bike I would still be overjoyed. He is over the moon and this bike has made me a believer in the balance bike hype. Love it!”
” The Wishbone trike / bike is beautifully designed, of high quality and extremely safe for a child to use. I am delighted and my granddaughter loves it.”

More Reviews of the Wishbone Bike

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Where to Purchase the Wishbone Bike

Since my mother was unsure if my son would like the Wishbone Balance Bike, they purchased this bike on Amazon.com. Unlike many other companies, Amazon has an amazing return policy and one of the best customer service departments online. I have had to deal with them before on other issues and they were always very fast and courteous dealing with any issues we had with their products. Since they also have some of the best prices online, why would anyone want to shop anywhere else for their kids toys?

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