Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1)

Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1)

What happens when you combine the power of magnets, the excitement of transformation and the popularity of hit TV show? You get the exciting Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1) toy that every child in the world wants to own and play with. Many of us in the adult world have no idea when a toy becomes so popular or understand why. This is the case with the Bakugan Warriors and the world of fun they help bring to the kids. The toys originated from the animated and hugely popular TV show called “Bakugan Battle Brawlers” The reason for some of the mania and excitement that comes with owning a Bakugan Maxus Helios action figure is because of it’s ‘Marble magnetic design.’

While to an average person it looks like a regular, round marble that is not the case because there’s a surprise. The minute your child lets the marble come into contact with any metal surface, it will pop right open and transform into many robotic, amazing designs. Add to that the fact that you join the pieces together to create an even bigger and one of the most feared Bakugan warriors on the Bakugan planet and you will immediately understand why your child or grandson will not want to ever put it down!

Maxus Helios can battle and fight as an individual and try to heroically save and take as many ,€˜gate cards’ as possible or he can join forces with a host of other friends. This provides hours of fun and never ending adventure for kids once they enter the ever expanding and Imaginative world of the Bakugans. Plus it is like getting 7 toys in one!

Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1) leads the way as when he is assembled together, he will transform into a Huge and intimidating Action hero to help your child battle all other Bakugan Warriors in his neighborhood. Maxus Helios is this ultimate warrior and monster who unleashes his power with each transformation. There is no end to the many different battles your child can pretend and imagine his Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1) will have. This will make sure that the child never gets bored with the toy as it is constantly changing and always evolving into something else. The battle for the coveted “Gate cards” is on and with the help of Maxus Helios (7 Figures Combined Into 1) you can help your child win!

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