Introduction to Transformers Movie 2 Performance Track

Transformers 2 Movie Performance Track
Get ready for the ride of your life, as the Transformers Movie 2 Performance Track is here to put you right in the middle of fast-paced, realistic action. The performance track can lead you on many journeys and battles, as the Gnashing Vorts Grinder with glowing eyes will blow you away.

You will think you are in the movie as the realistic and loud battle sounds will make you feel you are in the midst of the battle as it is taking place. You will leap across the tracks trying to avoid the grasping claw hand while trying to outrun an out of control wrecking ball which wants to destroy you. With the Transformers Performance Track you can crash through the barricades as you race back and forth. But be on the lookout for the swinging shovel as you race through the tracks and its many obstacles.

The track also comes with 4 cutout battle scenes to help you plan and perform some of the biggest adventures ever imagined. The Transformers Performance Track also comes with an Autobot Skids vehicle to help you race all over the tracks over and over again.

This track will bring your child right to the middle of an imaginative world where they will replay some of the many mind boggling and eye-popping scenes that they saw in the movies. They can also use their own imagination to create some new scenes of their own. Don’t be left behind in the race for the Transformers Performance Track and get yours today so that you can race your way into the world of the ever changing Transformers.

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