Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Parent Review of the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed
We found the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed for my best friend’s four year old. Over the past two weeks, I have been very busily preparing for birthday parties and helping move one of my best friends back into the area. Her husband does IT contracting all over the world and is going to be spending the next year on contract in our area. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my best friend and her family back in the area! One of the hardest things for them, however, was the fact that they always rented most of their furniture. Since they had enough money saved, they decided to actually buy some furniture for themselves and the kids, especially since they are considering staying if this position becomes permanent. This means they have to find beds and other furniture for their two boys – one being two and the other four.

Now, while they are talking about staying, we both knew better than to get furniture that couldn’t easily be moved. They would likely be moving another three times, especially since they are considering building a house if they stay. This meant that we had to find beds for both of the boys that were easy to move with them. After quite a bit of searching online, we found the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin bed and the Legare Frog Twin Bed for the boys. After assembling and helping them out for the past week, here is what they think so far of the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed.

Assembly of the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

When my friend fell in love with the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed, I was unsure what to think at first. We had never bought a plastic bed before, but I know my children’s Step 2 outdoor toys and basement furniture have held up really well. Like most Step 2 furniture, it was very easy to assemble, but does take two adults, mostly due to bulky pieces. The bed itself also came with two wood slats and two sturdy rotomolded supports. While this may sound like it’s enough for supporting your child, I would recommend getting a bunkie board to use as a box spring or buy some extra pieces of lumber from your local hardware store. Without the bunkie board, the bed does sag a bit. For safety reasons, I bought the bunkie board as well, mostly since I had never seen a bunk bed that didn’t need these as a box spring in the bed.

As for the mattress itself, make sure you get a normal sized twin mattress. The bed is a bit too big for a crib mattress and it will leave spaces around the bed that isn’t safe for smaller children. From measuring, we also predict that anything larger than a standard sized mattress will be too high for children to take advantage of the high sides. For children, I think high sides on any bunk bed are a must!

Quality of the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed
Even though this is a plastic bed, I have to say I was really impressed by how nice this bed looked assembled and how sturdy the bed was for a kid’s bed. When they said this bed could handle the weight of a fifteen-year-old boy, I believe it! In the manual, it states that the bed can hold a maximum of 300 pounds, making it perfect for even a hefty teenage boy. Everything on the bed has a nice texture and can handle the abuse of a small boy. I just wouldn’t encourage kids jumping on this bed, since it is 33 inches high when measured from the top of the mattress to the floor. While this isn’t as high as most bunk beds, it is still a bit of a drop for a small child!

One of the biggest complaints that I was reading online about this bed was that the four large doors at the bottom of the bed hang crooked. I tried figuring out how they even accomplished this, since the doors went on rather easy and hung very straight when I put a lever on the door. I am guessing that the parents who had these problems just didn’t assemble the bed properly. For parents who move a lot, just make sure you follow the directions carefully when it comes to taking the bed apart so that you get the most use out of the bed. While we were able to assemble and disassemble the bed very easily, I could see it breaking if care isn’t taken with the plastic pieces.

As well, theStep 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed has high sides for extra security, allowing children who move a lot in their sleep to be safe. When I measured these sides, they are a bit higher than most guard railings that are put on twin size beds. Since children are higher up than a twin bed, my friend and I considered these higher sides a major plus!

Kid Friendly Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed
If I had to pick one bed that was made for active kids, it is definitely the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed. With two climbing ladders on both sides of the bed and 28 cubic foot of storage under the bed, this bed can easily be a playground on its own. While I don’t encourage kids playing on ladders, this bed is very easy for little boys to climb up and down on, and he is already swinging from the ladder like a monkey. Since the ladders don’t come off, I consider the fact the bed could handle this a major plus! For safety reasons though, I would recommend not letting your children try this at home!

The best part of the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed to the big boy, however, was all the storage under the bed. This bed has four large doors, two on each side of the bed that gives children access to the entire underneath of the bed. While this area was meant for storage, my friend’s son has turned it into his secret super hero base, where he has flashlights and all of his superhero toys.

My best friend also loves how contemporary this bed looks in her son’s bedroom. This plastic bed is a fun style that is great for little kids or older kids since it is designed to go with just about anything. With its neutral gray color, it is perfect for boys or girls, making it an ideal bed for parents who are constantly on the move and don’t want to purchase a heavier, less durable bed in the near future.

What Others Have to Say About Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed
While the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed wasn’t what we had in mind, my friend and I are both happy we found this for her four year old. He absolutely loves this bed and has turned the storage area into his own ‘secret super hero base’. He isn’t the only one who loves this bed – on, it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, make it one of the most popular kids beds on the site! Parents and grandparents have had wonderful things to say about this bed!

” The Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed was very quick and easy to assemble. My son, 2 1/2, loves his new bed and he even enjoyed helping me to assemble it. I love the fact that the sides are high and I do not have to worry about him falling out. I also like the storage compartments underneath. My sons uses the storage area as a barn for his stuffed animals. He has slept in his new bed for the past 3 nights and he is very proud of himself as well as his new bed.”
” We got this for my son for xmas and I just assembled it. It was very easy to assemble. Most of assembly is typical of step 2 products, pop and lock then screws for added security. It took me about an hour but I also stopped half way through for a bit. My son is 2 and LOVES IT. He could climb right away. It does require a ‘bunkie board’ (in instructions) however I just got a piece of plywood for 5 dollars and had it cut to twin size and it fits perfect. I put a sheet over it to try to keep splinters out of mattress but you can’t even tell. With a fairly thick mattress and the 1/2 inch plywood it leaves a nice lip so my son won’t fall out. The storage underneath is awesome also. It holds A LOT. I can store all his extra diapers/wipes, toys including a ride on toy that is always in the way, sheets, and he still can climb under!,€¨,€¨It’s very durable feeling. I am 180 pounds and I feel like it’s sturdy under me. It says it holds up to 300 pounds and I’d believe it. All in all while this bed is very pricey and large (it comes up to my chest but I’m short and the box is HUGE) it’s a great investment and awesome I just wish it came in a queen size!!!!”
” I have twin boys that are 23 months old. We bought 2 of these beds and I absolutely LOVE them and so do they. I can lay with them in the bed to read books and they never get out of them unless its morning. Everyone kept telling me what a hard transition it is taking the child from a crib to bed, but so far its been a month and its been so easy!”
” We bought this bed for our son who was 21 months old when we got it about a month ago. He has slept in it perfectly since we got it, he has never once tried to climb out at night or nap time. He also loves to play in the bed at other times, and can climb in and out easily!!! I was really nervous that he would climb down out of the bed and try to play at “bedtime”, but that has not happened at all. We used a piece of plywood under the mattress and that seems to work quite well. I LOVE this bed and would recommend it to anyone for a boy or girl!!!!”
” We got this for my 2 year old son. Until now he has never slept in a bed other than ours. He loves this bed. It is fun to climb up and down. It also makes him almost as tall as Mommy and Daddy when he stands in it. It took him about 5 minutes to figure out how to go up and down the ladder. I see that some have complained about the ladder but I think it depends on the kid and willingness to “try” and get down. As for the look; it looks just like the photo. We bought a bunkie board and the mattress is fully supported. I even lay in it with him. The doors are perfectly in-line. We have not had trouble with them sagging.”

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Where to Purchase the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Having had purchased other Step 2 products, my friend and I decided just to purchase this Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed on Amazon since it would be shipped right to her apartment. The one thing I have learned about their products is that they do come in big, bulky boxes, being just the right size that they never fit in my SUV. By having it shipped directly from Amazon, it could be shipped right to her door and neither of us have to worry about moving it until it’s time to switch apartments again! Lowes was selling this same set, but they were charging over $50 more for this bed without free shipping, making it not really worth it in our books. If Amazon has free shipping and quick delivery, why order for anyone else?

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