Legare Frog Twin Bed

Parent Review of the Legare Frog Twin Bed

Legare Frog Twin Bed
The reason that I am reviewing the Legare Frog Twin Bed is because my best friend is now living near me. While I may not like to always admit it, I am a little kid at heart. While my kids are excited about summer pretty much being here, I am excited about my best friend moving back to town. Her husband is constantly moving because of his contracting business. Now that their oldest is nearly five, they are considering settling down in one area so that he can at least spend a whole year in one place to finish kindergarten. There is even talk of them staying here with him taking a permanent position! While I wouldn’t hold my breath, I am very happy they will be living in the area for the next year to two years! The only thing that has made things difficult is the fact that they are no longer renting furniture and have asked me to help them find beds for the boys.

While we were able to find a bed for the oldest rather quickly, the Step 2 Lifestyle Twin Bed, finding one for her two year old was a bit more difficult. Due to the size of their apartment, they are going to have him sleeping in the master as well, meaning they had to have a bed that was rather compact. As well, it had to be easy to assemble and disassemble since they do move so much! After some looking, we finally found the Legare Twin Bed. Even though I was bit unsure about it from the picture, it has turned out to be quite the surprise! Here is what they think so far about the Legare Frog Twin Bed!

Assembly of the Legare Frog Twin Bed

Having put together quite a few ready to assemble pieces of furniture, I was thinking the three minute assembly was a bunch of hype. There was no way the Legare Frog Twin Bed could really take three minutes to assemble. Well, I can say that this bed really made me feel like a liar! It took my girlfriend and I more time to get everything out of the boxes than it did to put the bed together. Putting the pieces together is more like putting together a Lego set, but more stable! The furniture has a tab/slot design that allows you to just slip and snap the pieces together. Even the convenient little side shelf was easy to put on the bed.

The biggest concern we had with the bed was trying to figure out how we were going to put guardrails on the bed. While the bed took a standard twin mattress, we were worried about the guardrails damaging the bed or not staying in place. So far, this has not been a concern since the rails easily went under the mattress. They haven’t budged or caused any problems with the bed. My only complaint is that with pillows on the bed the cute frog face is mostly covered, allowing you to only see the frogs eyes! My friend doesn’t seem to mind too much though, especially since it fits perfectly in their master bedroom.

As a fair warning, don’t make the same mistake we did. We nearly panicked when we opened the first box and realized the entire set wasn’t there. For some reason, one box was shipped UPS and the other FedEx. While it all arrived the same day, we didn’t know it would arrive in two boxes. From what I was reading online, this has caused quite a bit of confusion, so make sure you get both boxes before starting to assemble the bed!

Quality of the Legare Frog Twin Bed

Legare Frog Twin Bed
Unlike most ready to assemble furniture, the Legare Frog Twin Bed is one of the best made kids beds I have seen in a long time. The bed itself is made of sturdy 15 mm composite wood and painted with non-toxic green and white paint. Just to see how it would handle being assembled and reassembled, we took apart the bed five times. Not only did it handle disassembly very well, but was just as easy to reassemble without damaging the bed at all. I had never seen ready to assemble furniture that looked just as good after being taken apart and put back together! For a family with little kids that move, this bed is ideal since it looks like it can take the everyday abuse of a little boy and the abuse of a move.

Kid Friendly Legare Frog Twin Bed

One of the biggest things this bed has going for it is the fact that it is very cute. This frog design is perfect for boys and girls alike, and is a cute, modern design that is perfect for kids. While I could not imagine using it until a child is 15, I could easily see kids staying in this bed until they are about ten. My friends two year old considers this his fun big boy bed and absolutely loves going to bed with ‘his frog’. To make it even cuter, we have frog stuffed animals on the bed as well. These frog friends, as he calls them, keep the bed company when he’s not sleeping in it.

Another benefit that the Legare Frog Twin Bed has over other beds is the fact that it is big enough for an adult to sleep in the bed with the child. While I normally wouldn’t sleep in a bed like this, it is ideal for transitioning a little boy or girl to their own bed, or lying with them for a bit after they have a nightmare. While the company claims that the bed can hold 800 pounds, I wouldn’t test that too much. Even though the bed is sturdy, I’m not sure if there is a kid’s bed that is THAT sturdy.

What Others Have to Say About the Legare Frog Twin Bed

If there is one thing I can say about the Legare Frog Twin Bed, it is the cutest kid’s bed I have seen in a very long time. For parents who are constantly on the go and need a bed that can move as easily as them, the Legare Frog Twin bed is absolutely perfect! I wish we had a bed like this when we were constantly moving apartments when my oldest daughter was a toddler. Currently, the Legare Frog Twin Bed has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular big kid beds on the site. Unlike other toddler beds, parents have also had a great deal to say about this bed!

” We have had this bed for about six months. It is great! My son is 2.5 years old and he loves it. So easy to put together its ridiculous…and yet also very strong and sturdy, not to mention cute! The side table is so strong that he can even stand on it (although I don’t recommend anyone doing that). All in all a great bed for a 2-10 year old! I just hope he doesn’t get bored with the frog design later on in life.”
” Ok, people are not kidding when they say it only takes 5 minutes to put this bed together. It took me longer to get it out of the box than to put it together. This is the cutest bed ever! My son was so excited when he saw it. I looked and looked for the perfect bed, this is the one.”
” We love this bed. So, so easy to put together. 5 simple steps, no tools needed. Nice quality and very cute. My daughter loved this as her first “big girl” bed and has been excited to sleep in it. It does not sit flush against the wall as the headboard extends past the bed frame, but still can be put against the wall without too much of a gap that a child can fall through. We love the attached table for books and a sippy cup.”
” Originally I wanted a bed that would last her longer. But I took a chance and the smile on her face was priceless. “froggy!”… She hugged the headboard and gave it a kiss… And…It’s still a frog… Sturdy, priced right, and ridiculously easy to assemble. 3rd party from amazon, got here in two days.”

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Where to Purchase the Legare Frog Twin Bed

While some stores in our area were selling the Legare Frog Twin Bed, they were very overpriced or didn’t have them in stock. Since we originally found this bed on Amazon, my friend decided to just bite the bullet and purchase the bed from Amazon. I purchased it for them so that we could use my Prime membership, allowing us to take advantage of the free shipping. Even better, the bed arrived at their new apartment in less than 24 hours. Now that is service! Along with having the best price and shipping policies, we knew Amazon would be easy to return the bed too if there were any issues, something that was important for her since she works at home like me!

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