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Parent Review of the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle


This is why I found myself researching the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle Schwinn Boy's Scorch Bicycle.,  Over the weekend, my daughters had a great deal of fun at their best friend’s birthday party.,  While my oldest daughter had a great deal of fun with her friend, the party was really for her twin brothers, my younger daughter’s friends. The boys just had their sixth birthday and were very excited to get their big gifts – new big boy bikes! While their parents didn’t originally plan on buying them bikes, the decision was made when they saw my younger daughter riding around on her new Mongoose Lark Girls’ Bike. Before long, we were all sitting in front of the computer looking for new bikes for the boys.

For the younger of the twins, the decision was quite easy since he absolutely loves Spider Man.,  For the older of the twins, however, it was a bit more difficult.,  He is all about Superman and we really couldn’t find a bike that fit his personality.,  Rather than get a bike we knew he wouldn’t like, we bought the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle and purchased some superman decals that we had specially made for the bike. So far, the bikes have been a big success.,  All of us were really impressed with the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle, especially the little birthday boy. Here is what all of us thought so far of this cool bike.

Assembly of the Scorch Bicycle


Having already put together the Mongoose Lark Girls’ Bike, my husband was ready to take on another challenge when it came to putting together a bike.,  I was happy to find out that it wasn’t very challenging at all. My husband was able to put together the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle in about a half hour, mostly due to it having amazing instructions.,  In a way, he was a bit disappointed, since he was expecting the bike to take him most of the day, allowing him to put off yard work.,  While he was disappointed by this fact, I consider it the quick assembly a major plus, especially if you aren’t as hands on as he is with tools.

Quality of the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle

Like most Schwinn bikes, the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle is extremely well made, looking like it was built to be the type of bike to hand down from one brother to the next.,  This single speed bike has a freestyle steel frame, making it able to withstand whatever abuse a boy can throw at it.,  Having seen how the neighborhood boys treat their bikes, this is a good thing since boys are hard on everything! The bike also has front and rear caliper breaks, allowing children to learn how to use not only traditional bike brakes, but handlebar brakes as well, a very nice feature in my opinion.

We were also fairly impressed with all the safety features that were on the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle. The bike comes with training wheels, a chain guard, and padded handlebars for extra safety.,  The training wheels especially are very well made and easy to pop on and off, allowing you to very quickly add or remove these wheels to your child’s liking.,  While most people don’t think about it, I was very impressed with the fact that the bike had a chain guard.,  It is very common for kids jeans or pants to get caught on the chains of the bike, causing accidents or at least dirty, ripped pant cuffs.,  The chain guard keeps the chain away from your child, keeping the bike and them safe!

Kid Friendly Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bike

While the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle is a kid’s bike, you wouldn’t know it from the look of the bike. This BMX style bike looks just like it’s adult counterpart, allowing little boys to feel like they are riding a big kid bike that looks just like their Daddy’s. Now granted, it doesn’t look like an adult bike now with all the Superman stickers, but it looked very impressive after my husband finished assembling this bike. If this were a bike for our kids, I likely would have left it as is since it is such a good looking bike!

The Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle has a very comfortable adjustable padded seat.,  The seat looks like it will likely work for a boy up until they are about seven or eight, judging by the adjustments on the seat alone. What I thought was really cool about this Schwinn bike was the tires. Like most kids bikes, it has 16-inch tires, making it easier for boys to be able to get on and off the bike.,  The bike also has detailed front pegs on the tires, something that I thought looked really cool on a boy’s bike.,  As well, these 16 tires are fairly wide hybrid tires, making them perfect for riding on concrete or offloading.

What Others Thinks of the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle


Using the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle as the base for our Superman bike really was the best decision we could have made, especially with how amazing this bike looks even without the stickers! Personally, I like the look of the bike without the decals. It has an amazing style and really is the perfect BMX bike for little boys.,  So far, this bike has a 4 star rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular boys bikes on the site.,  Unlike some other bikes, it also has amazing reviews on the site. Here is what some other parents and grandparents have had to say about the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle.

” If in doubt, BUY IT. We bought the bike as a birthday present for our 3 year old grandson and he loves it. Warning … the instructions are explicit as to how to put the bike together …. but there is no explanation telling us how to get the birthday boy OFF THE BIKE. He’s happpy; we’re happy!”

” I read what other reviews before I ordered this bike, but I needed to see for myself. It’s a Schwinn, how bad could it be??? I am glad I ordered it. This bike is extremely well made. Much better quality than what I expected based on the reviews. It was easy to put together and my grandson was on it within an hour! He was so excited. I don’t know what one of the other reviewers meant by it being hard to pedal, I just made sure that he brakes were set so they were not touching the wheel. If you’re looking for a great bike for a boy, look no farther. This is it!”

” I purchased this bike for my 5 year old grandson. Construction was great and the bike was easy to put together. Most of my purchases are based off of the purchaser’s reviews. I love the feature and have been very successful in purchasing good, quality products. He loves the bike and I am anxious for warmer weather to get here to watch him ride it. I would recommend this bike to anyone who has an active little boy and wants a sturdy product that looks good and one that a little boy will love.”

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Where to Purchase the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle

Finding a bike that was perfect for our little birthday boy wasn’t easy, especially since we knew we had to have a red bike for his favorite Superman stickers.,  We purchased the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle online mostly since it was much cheaper than the local bike store and it was shipped right to our door, something which was nice since we were purchasing the bikes ahead of time for the twin’s parents (we did this to make sure the boys didn’t see the bikes).,  Being a busy mom, I just didn’t have the time to clean out the SUV and make room for the bike. As well, I knew if there was a problem with the bike Amazon would return it no questions asked, giving me peace of mind.

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