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Parent Review of the New Spider-Man Bike

Spider-Man Bike
Since my son is not old enough to have a Spider-Man bike here is why I found myself reviewing it. It is always amusing when one of my children’s friends asks for my advice or help on purchasing gifts for their kids. Many of them know that I do a great deal of research before purchasing any gifts for my kids, and that we have tried just about everything at one point with our kids. Not that long ago, we purchased the Mongoose Lark Girls’ Bikefor my youngest daughter, her very first big girls bike. Seeing that my daughter had a new bike, her friend’s parents decided it might be a good idea to get new bikes for their kids too. You see, her best friends are actually twin boys, and their parents have been struggling trying to decide what bikes to buy their kids for their late April birthday.

Even though we didn’t have long, I sat down with their mother and the kids had a grand time playing while the adults spent time looking for ultra secret birthday gifts! After some time, we found the perfect bikes for the boys – the New Spider-Man bike and the Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle. Over the weekend, the kids had the chance to try out these bikes for the first time. Here is what the youngest of the twins thought of the Spider-Man bike.

Assembly of the New Spider-Man Bicycle

Spider-Man BikeBefore the Spider-Man bike arrived, I must admit, I was very worried. I read online that quite a few people had problems putting this bike together. As well, they talked about it arriving damaged. Since we didn’t have much time to find quality bikes for the boys, I was absolutely terrified of the Spider-Man bike arriving damaged or missing pieces. My husband was pretty certain that there must have been a problem with those reviews showing up, especially since everything he was finding online said that this bike was just starting to be made in 2011, so it’s impossible for it to have reviews from 2009, unless it was a prior model.

Well, I’m happy to say that my husband was absolutely right! The Spider-Man bike came partially assembled and was packaged very well. To be honest, I had never seen so much Styrofoam in my life! Even the reflectors were packaged nicely. As well, the bike was very easy to put together. As many of you may know, I am not very handy. I usually depend on my husband to put things together. The Spider-Man bike was so easy to assemble that I was able to do it during my lunch break and the baby’s nap. I would say the bike took me about a half hour to put together.

Quality of the New Spider-Man Bike

Spider-Man BikeOne of my husband’s only concerns with the Spider-Man bike was the fact that we had no clue which company made this bike. It was a no name bike, and it didn’t even say on the packaging. I expect, however, it was made from one of the well known brands, judging by the build of the bike . The Spider-Man bike is a BMX style bike with a heavy duty steel frame. Being steel, I would expect that this bike could handle quite a bit of abuse. If you have kids, you know that they aren’t easy on bikes, especially when they are excited and let them fall right on the concrete. This is what usually causes most dents and damage on bikes. The downside to it being heavy duty steel is that it is a bit heavy – weighing about 30 pounds.

Safety also seemed to be a top priority for the makers of this bike. It has a fully enclosed chain guard, making sure that little legs and pant hems don’t accidentally get caught in the bike. As well, it has rear coaster and hand brakes, allowing kids to have as much control as possible on the bike. I personally like the addition of multiple types of brakes since it helps teach kids how to use these breaks when they move up to an even larger bike. Of course, the Spider-Man bike also comes with spider themed training wheels, which secure nicely to the bike. Overall, I was fairly happy with the overall quality of this Spider-Man themed bike.

Kid Friendly of the New Spider-Man Bike

Looking at this bike, it is easy to see that it was made for a little boy that absolutely loves Spider-man. The bike is covered with Spider-Man decals and graphics, perfect for any spidey fan. I was happy to see that all of these decals and stickers were already on the bike, since the last time I put decals on a bike it took me longer to place these decals that it did for my husband to assemble the bike! Like most kids bikes, it also had a fairly padded seat, making it perfect for long bike trips outside.
What really impressed by husband with the Spider-Man bike were the tires. Like most bikes designed for children under the age of seven, it had 16-inch tires. What really shocked him was that these were pneumatic knobby tires. Like me, you are likely wondering what in the world this means. After having him explain it to me, this seems to be the best type of tire if you are planning on offloading, since it had better contact with the ground. Since this was going to be a little boy’s bike, these tires were a very nice addition!

What Others Thinks of the New Spider-Man Bicycle

While the twins got plenty of gifts, the Spider-Man bike really was this birthday boy’s favorite gift. Throughout the party, he was reminding everyone that he was Spider-Man because his bike said so! Seeing his smile really made everything worth it. While we had no problems with the bike, we were surprised to see that it had a 3.2 out of 5 stars. We were a bit confused by this, since the bike arrived perfectly packaged and in the best condition possible, unlike some of the other reviews. Even worse, some of the reviews were from 2009, before the bike was even made! Personally, we think this is a technical error, since this brand new bike was a breeze to put together and really was a great purchase. Here is what other people have had to say about this amazing bike!

” This bike is awesome my grandson is enjoying his first bike of his favorite action character, Spiderman the colors & graphics on this bike are perfect for his liking gets to play out his role training wheels and all.”
” Santa brought this bike to my 5yr old Spiderman Enthusiast last Christmas. Of course Santa always knows just the perfect gift and was once again right on with this bike. Gage loved it of course… but so did Santa’s helper. It is sturdy… great looking… and was very easy for the helper to assemble. Unfortunately about a month or so ago Gage’s bike was stolen in the blink of an eye!! We liked the bike so much that we contacted Santa who arranged for us to get a second one!! Great Bike! ”
” I recently shipped this cycle to my 4 year nephew who calls himself “The Spidy”. He thoroughly loves it and wouldn’t stop biking now. This is the latest addition into his spiderman world. The spiderman helmet set goes as a fantastic combo with the bike.”

More Reviews on the Spider Man Bike

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Where to Purchase the New Spider Man Bike

Even though they had this bike at our local retail store, we purchased it at on Amazon since it was much cheaper – around $20 cheaper to be exact! Since this Spider-Man bike was one of the main gifts for the twins superhero party, we wanted to make sure they would arrive on time, something that Amazon has always been very good about. In fact, the bikes actually arrived a day early, surprising all of us and giving us the extra time to get the bikes assembled just in time for the party! As well, we had the comfort of knowing that if anything was wrong with the bike, Amazon would take it back no questions asked, allowing us to have the peace of mind that everything would go perfect with these gifts.

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