Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

Parent Review of the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

Mongoose Lark Girls Bike
Our daughter loves her Mongoose Lark Girls Bike. For the past two weeks, it has been absolutely beautiful outside. I can’t believe it is starting to feel like summer and it’s only April! With the beautiful weather, my oldest has been coming home from school and riding her bike around the neighborhood. I love seeing her outside having fun, but my youngest daughter has been so sad since she can’t play outside with the other kids in the neighborhood. Normally, she plays with her younger sister since her best friend has twin little brothers that are only a year older than her. Seeing that she was rather sad that she couldn’t play with her sister and friends, my husband and I decided it might be time to get her a big girl bike.

With the big renovation going on to turn the office into her bedroom, we haven’t had a whole lot of money to spend on a new bike. This made things a bit tricky since we could only spend about $150 on a bike with training wheels. That night, my husband sat down with our daughter and they started looking at big girl bikes. About a half hour into their search, she found the bike of her dream, a cute, purple bike with pink accents. Since this was in our price range, my husband purchased her first bike – the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike. We have only had the bike for a little under a week but she is already having fun learning how to ride a bike with Daddy. Here is what my family thinks so far of the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike.

Assembly of the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

One of my biggest fears when I saw the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike was the fact that it did not come preassembled. We had never purchased a bike in the past that wasn’t preassembled, so I was bit fearful what we were getting into. My husband, however, wasn’t too concerned at all; explaining to me that most bikes are actually shipped dismantled and then assembled at stores. This was news to me, but I also knew my husband and his family had purchased more bikes than mine since he was the youngest of four children. Luckily, he was putting together the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike and I was able to just sit back and watch!

Since I had no clue about these sorts of things, I asked my husband how assembly was for the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike. He said it was fairly easy, taking him about 45 minutes, but he could see someone who wasn’t too handy having some issues with the bike. Unlike most items that are shipped, it did not come with the necessary tools to put the bike together. In the garage, he used an Allen wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, and channel locks. Since these are things commonly found in toolboxes, he said this wouldn’t be a concern at all for most families.

Quality of the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

Mongoose Lark Girls Bike
I can tell you that finding a well made 18-inch wheel bike is very difficult, especially for a little girl. When my husband saw that it was a Mongoose bike, however, he was really excited. He said this was a very well known brand in the biking world. Once I looked at the information that came with the bike however, I could see why my husband was so excited about the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike. This girly bike was made of steel and aluminum, making it both light weight and able to withstand the abuse of a small child. Even better, it came with a one-year warranty, giving you some comfort in case your child did figure out a way to break a steel and aluminum frame bike.

Probably what impressed my husband the most was the low stand frame with unicorn fork. This along with the BMX style handlebars gave the bike a very sleek look that also added to the bike’s safety features. What I cared about the most was the coaster and caliper brakes. These are very high quality brakes, allowing your child an easier time of stopping and keeping control of the bike once the training wheels are taken off. Overall, we thought the Mongoose Lark Girls Bikewas a very well made bike that was not only sleek, but also safe.

Kid Friendly Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

If you are looking for a cute first bike for your daughter, the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike is definitely it! This girl’s bike is a very pretty purple with pink accents, something that my daughter really loved about the bike. My daughter was determined that she didn’t want a pink bike, thinking it wasn’t good for her tomboy image with all the little boys in the neighborhood. The Mongoose Lark Girls Bike definitely has the best of both worlds for little tomboys, looking like a boy’s bike but with a girly touch that any little girl will love. She especially liked that the bike has colored spokes on the wheels and that the bike has its own little license plate and safety pads on the bike. Unlike most kids’ bikes, it really looks like a big kids bike!

What my husband and I loved the most about the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike was the fact that it came with heavy duty training wheels. Since this was my daughter’s first bike, we wanted a bike that had training wheels. At first, we thought we were going to have to buy a training wheel kit for this first bike, but were rather happy when we saw these high quality training wheels. Even better, when it’s time for the training wheels to come off, she will have a big kid’s bike, allowing her to have this bike for many years to come. Unlike other bikes we had seen, the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike also was a low standing style bike, allowing our daughter to easily mount and dismount this bike without trouble.

What Others Think of the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

So far, my youngest daughter absolutely loves the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike. While I was worried it may be a bit big for her, it seems to be perfect for a tall four to five year old. While I had never had a Mongoose bike until we purchased this one, I have to say I’m more willing to try this brand after trying this cute girly bike. The Mongoose Lark Girls Bike is the perfect starter bike for any girl between the ages of 4 to 9. We aren’t the only ones who have fallen in love. Here is what some others parents and grandparents have had to say about the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike….

” We bought this bike for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas and she just LOVES it!,€¨I love the design we didn’t want something real “princess” so this is great!,€¨We bought the 18″ wheels for her b/c she’s very tall she is 44 1/2 inches tall and the height of the bike is perfect for her she can get on and off with ease.,€¨I was nervous about the height b/c it seemed like a lot of kids were age 6 getting it but I’m glad I did that’s why I put her height measurement in case anyone has a younger tall child!,€¨,€¨The box came a little beat up. The bike was in perfect condition and my husband had no problems assembling it and all the pieces were there!,€¨The bike is a little more on the purple side which was perfect for us my daughter wanted a purple bike.,€¨So glad we purchased this from amazon and free shipping! Can’t beat it!”
” This is an awesome bike! I didn’t have a problem with the packaging at all. As far as I can see, there’s not a scratch on it. It was pretty easy to put together for me. I’m not very good at assembly, but it really wasn’t difficult. My daughter loves it and has been all over the neighborhood. The only problem I had was the valve on the back tire seemed to be stuck so it wouldn’t hold air. There may be a way to fix things like that, but I just purchased another tube. It cost me an extra $5, but watching my daughter having so much fun is worth it.”
” This is a sweet bike as in it’s all girl and it’s a very nice bike. I’m so not handy, but I did manage to put it together myself in a couple of hours. I will say that the color is not pink as the picture indicates. It’s purple with bright pink accents. My daughter is enjoying her new wheels very much. It does not come with a basket/pouch or anything, so we had to purchase a water bottle holder separately from the local bike shop. I also like the 18″ size, which is hard to find, but ideal for a first bike.”

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Where to Purchase the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

While I normally do most of the shopping for the kids, the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike was completely a purchase between my daughter and husband. They both sat down at the computer together and looked at a variety of different girly bikes. Since the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike was my daughter’s first choice and it was under $110, we decided to go for it! So far, we haven’t regretted buying it from Amazon. It was delivered right to our door and was the great shopping experience that I have grown to expect from Amazon, making me once again a very happy Mommy!

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