Transformers Movie 2 Leader Megatron

Transformers Leader Megatron
Many thought Megatron was dead, but that is not the case as he has been rebuilt using parts of other Decepticons. Being imprisoned and frozen by the humans, Megatron wants revenge on this planet. Now, after being rebuilt, Megatron and his legion of other Decepticons who loyally stand by his side waiting for his commands are ready to move forward for the ultimate battle.

Intricately re-created to look realistically the same as in the box office hits ,€˜Transformers 1′ and ,€˜Transformers 2,’ Megatron is back with a vengeance. The only thing standing in his way of supreme rule is Optimus Prime and his legion of Autobots. This evil-looking robotic warrior will not be denied his rightful place as supreme ruler since his eyes and chest light up to give it an all to real look. Some of the features available with the Megatron action figure include electronic speech and a flip- out sword to fight back against the Autobots. Be amazed as he makes blasting sounds and transforms into a vehicle-to-robot. The ‘Mech Alive’ gearing that reveals moving armor as well as internal gears will leave your child captivated as they recreate some of the many scenes in the movies they come to love.

Bring on the Autobots and be prepared with a Flip-out sword and a realistic firing fusion cannon Megatron will use to fight back while in its alien tank mode. You can join forces with other Decepticons in your area and together fight Optimus Prime and the Autobots which is all that stands in his way. No foe will want to face up against the evil-looking Megatron and his light-up eyes which are guaranteed to scare any Autobots away. Get your Megatron today and help bring a balance of power back in the world of the Transformers.

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