White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

Parent Review of the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed
Why we considered the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed for our daughter. After we came home from Christmas, my husband and I started a monumental project by moving our office into the basement. Why would we do this, you may ask? Well, we decided it was time for our youngest daughter to have a big girl room and no longer sleep in the nursery with her little brother. We finally have everything looking perfect and decided it was time to find a big girl bed for our little princess.

We went looking at most of the local furniture stores and were having a great deal of trouble finding the perfect bed for her. I wanted something that looked adorable, but was still practical enough that she could keep using the bed up into her teenage years. Everything I found in white wood was over $600 in our area, and most of this was particleboard! We eventually found a bed online from a no name retailer that we fell in love – a cute white trundle day bed. While they were a little cheaper at first, their shipping was absolutely terrible! After some searching online, my husband found it on Amazon for a few dollars more and free shipping, selling us rather quickly! Our daughter has been in her new White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bedfor about two months now. Here is what we think so far about this cute bed.

Assembly of the Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

When the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed first arrived at our house, I have to admit, I was very intimidated. It came in three very large boxes, and I was so thankful I was home since the UPS guy was nice enough to carry it into the room for me. While it looked intimidating, it really was fairly easy to put together. I was able to put the whole bed together in about an hour and half working on the bed myself. I was determined to get the bed together myself while my husband was at work, especially since the little ones were down for a nap. Since I am not the handiest of people with tools, I expect that someone with a bit more experience could probably put the entire bed together in under an hour. The hardest part of getting the bed together is getting it out of the box. I had never seen in my life a company that used so much tape on their boxes!
White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed
While the bed was very easy to put together, finding a mattress for it was another matter entirely. I was planning on using the extra pillow top mattress we had in the garage, but it was too high for the top of the bed. On the bed, this mattress (which was about 15 Inches high) was nearly as high as the headboard…oops! After doing some measuring, my husband determined we needed two 7 inch deep mattresses – one for the top of the bed and one for the trundle. We were able to order one 7 inch mattress for the trundle and we are waiting for the other one to be delivered. Right now, my daughter is just using a step stool to get on and off the bed; something that she claims makes her like a real princess!

Quality of the Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

The hardest part about buying the Trundle Mission Style Day Bedwas deciding which finish we wanted for our daughter’s room. We thought the bed was the easiest to buy first since it allowed us to use it as a piece of furniture we could match for everything else. We were very tempted to buy the cherry finished Trundle Mission Style Day Bed, but we decided to go with the white bed since we were worried about matching other cherry finishes in the figure (we have dark wood in our household). I have a feeling we are likely going to buy the Black Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed later for our son when he outgrows his crib. As for the look of the bed, it is the typical white finish you see on most children’s furniture. I was worried it might be an antique white at first, but I was relieved to find out that it could be easily matches with anything else.
White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed
So far, I am very impressed with the quality of the bed. The White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed is made of solid wood and wicker, making it extra strong without looking too boxy or clunky like some other day beds I have seen. Even the shelves are built rather nicely, but I don’t think it will be able to be used long term as a dresser for my daughter. It seems to more be designed for little treasures and toys than lots of clothes. If you want to use it as a dresser though, it will likely be fine until your son or daughter is about seven or eight. After that, I would recommend getting an actual dresser.

My biggest concern with the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed was the fact it had a trundle. While I loved the idea of having another quick bed for when she had company, I was worried about the quality. I have never known anyone with a trundle bed, but I thought it was a very interesting theory. After having one though, I can tell you that it really is an ingenuous idea! It is very sturdy and can also be pushed into the bed with all the coverings still on it, making it perfect for those unexpected sleepovers!

Kid Friendly Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

Once you have the right sized mattresses for the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed, it is very kid friendly. My four year old was able to get up on the bed with ease when we tried the 7 inch mattress on the top of the bed. From what we have seen, it is really the perfect height for a big girl bed. The same seems to be true for the trundle bed. We are able to easily pull it in and out from the bed with ease, especially since it is on wheels. We have had no issue with this so far.
White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed
What I really liked about the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed compared to other beds is the fact that it does have built in storage. We are still using the dresser in the old nursery for her, but I expect it would be perfect for holding little girl clothes. For us, the built in storage has been another place where she can shove toys and coloring books.

What Other Think of the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

So far, the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed has been working great for my family. My daughter loves her big girl bed and she feels like a real princess on this bed. She even loved showing off the trundle friend when her best friend came over last week to spend the night. I have been very happy with the quality and can’t wait to find other pieces to add to my daughter’s bedroom. Here is what other parents and grandparents are saying about this White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed.

” Just bought this bed…great for the price as it is varied around the country from different sites. Some had it for as much as $800. Set up was a breeze as I had my family totally involved in the “building” of the bed. The best way to get this done is to systematically lay out all of the parts and follow the directions…it was simple. It looks as good as it does in the photo and its very sturdy. There was a question of the actual color from the photo in the picture. We thought it was a bone white or even light beige. It is absolutely a white white which was perfect for our decor. There was one thing that we were unsure of and couldn’t get a straight answer…the size of the mattress for the trundle. We mistakenly bought pillow top mattresses (THE most comfortable mattress around) which was 9″ and the bed with the sheets and comforter did not go under the top section…bummer. No sweat – instead of bringing the mattresses back, I had the bed built up by 1 1/2″. I had my carpenter father-in-law do this and he made it extremely safe for his grandkids. It was better than returning anything and it still looks great…and a great space-saver for their 13 x 10 room.”
” The bed is a great space saver and a very good value. Well constructed for the price. I love the storage drawers (although they are not quite the quality of the rest of the bed…..the interior bottoms feel a little cheap). The trundle section needs a mattress that is 6″ to 8″ thick in order to close. Overall very pleased with the bed…..esp for the price. It is my toddler’s new “big boy bed.””
” Great bed, our daughter loves it. Took less than an hour to put together, most the work was already done, just a few bolts and screws left. Solid wood and a great finish. Packages were double wrapped on the corners making it a bit difficult to open, but ensuring no cracks or scrapes on the wood. Very happy with purchase.”

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Where to Purchase the White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed

While Amazon at first glanced looked to be more expensive on this bed, it was actually the cheapest online once shipping was factored into the equation. Quite a few places were charging ridiculous shipping for this White Finish Trundle Mission Style Day Bed, mostly since it came in three boxes. While it may have taken an extra week to arrive, I considered it worth it since I saved over $100 on this bed with shipping alone! It was also great having the bed shipped right to my door, since I don’t even think I could fit these boxes in my SUV. In my opinion, buying it from Amazon was a win-win all around for my family!

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