Leapster Learning Game System

Leapster Learning Game System

Electronic toys have evolved to help educate the users while allowing them to have fun at the same time. The Leapster Learning Game System, another one of the innovative learning toys by Leapster, is a cool handheld gaming device that teaches kids various multi-level learning skills in a way that they would surely love. Yes, kids can play action-packed adventure games while learning at the same time. This time, you will actually be encouraging, instead of scolding, your child to play this electronic educational games created by Leapster.

Leapster Learning Game System features:

  • Colorful handheld educational gaming device with a bright LED screen
  • Has over 30 fun learning games featuring favorite children characters
  • Includes additional games that teach reading, arts, language and many more
  • Connects to the Internet for other online activities and rewards
  • Allows parents to connect to the LeapFrog,® Learning Path online to find out what their child is learning

There are numerous games to choose in the Leapster Learning Game System. The more popular ones include the ,€œDora the Explorer,€ series, ,€œCars,€ series and ,€œSpongeBob Square Pants,€ series. Different games teach different skills-phonics, the alphabet, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, art design and many more lessons.

Your young boy will surely love the ,€œCars,€ game. Join Mater, Lightning McQueen and the whole gang as they race through the streets and racetracks of Radiator Springs. This game, alone, teaches word building, reading, numbers, counting, lesser than and greater than, and other mathematical skills.

Some games are quite complex and help develop several different educational skills at the same time. The popular ,€œSpongeBob Square Pants Saves the Day,€ teaches several skills while the child is engaged with trying to help SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs improve their restaurant so they won’t go out of business: reading (identify and differentiate beginning and ending sounds, recognize words from blended phonemes, etc.), Mathematics (counting, logical reasoning, addition of one-digit and two-digit numbers, etc.), music (creating melodies), and Science (event prediction based on patterns, understanding chemical changes, etc.).

The Leapster Learning Game System can also be used to read electronic books, watch interactive videos or even create different works of art! The full-color touch-sensitive backlit screen allows easy viewing without making your child’s eyes hurt. For quiet play, a headset may also be attached to the gadget.

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