VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

VTech  Kidizoom Digital CameraThe VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera has so many fun and exciting features that I wish I were a kid again so that I could use one! The VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera comes in blue or pink and has rubber grips so that the camera can easily be held with two hands. The VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera also comes with 2 faceplates that your child can change on the front of the camera based on the pattern. Your child has the luxury of using this camera with two-eye viewing rather than one-eye viewing that’s typical for cameras.

VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera is not just for taking pictures. You can shoot videos too! On the 1.8 inch color screen, there are also some fun games that can be played. With 16MB of internal memory, there’s plenty of storage for lots of photos. The VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera comes with a built-in flash and six buttons on the back of the camera so your child can be creative when taking your pictures. There is also a navigational button that can be pressed up, down, left or right so that your child can scroll through the photos that have been taken.

Remember to set up the VTech Photo Editor that comes with the VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera as soon as your child starts taking pictures. The VTech Photo Editor has fun features like adding frames to your child’s photos. Your child can also add accessories to their photos like putting a hat on a person’s head, and distort images while they are using the VTech Photo Editor. Your child will enjoy animating their photos too.

Fun features about the VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera is that there is an SD card slot if you need to add more memory. The VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera also comes with and A/V cord so you can see your photos on the TV, and a USB cord to upload your images on to the computer.


  • wrist strap, A/V cable, USB cable, two faceplates, and photo editing software on CD-ROM.

What You Will Need:

  • Windows 2000 SP3+/XP or newer to use the photo editing software, OR
  • Mac OS X 10.0 or above.
  • 4 ,€œAA,€ batteries

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