Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Little Tikes Cozy Truck Review by Grandparent

Little Tikes Cozy Truck
We have been falling in love with the cute adorable Little Tikes Cozy Truck. Our family members have long been fans of the Cozy Coupe. I think that we own or have owned about seven of these terrific child powered vehicles. One of which I think may be an original model. This old Cozy Coupe lives at my (Grandma’s) house. We have had it for eight years and it had already had many years of use on it when we acquired it. It is no longer beautiful but it functions as if it was new and the children love it!

The Little Tikes Cozy Truck is a model of the Cozy Coupe. I take my Granddaughters, both age 2 ,½, to something called Roaming Rascals. This is a big gymnasium full of various toys and activities suitable to children 18 months to age 5. The Little Tikes Cozy Truck is one of their very favorite ride on toys.

It is a perfect height for them to get into and to reach the floor to power it. They love the drop-down tailgate. Sometimes one will drop it down and climb into the back while the other twin gives her sister a ride. Sometimes they put one of the baby dolls into the back and off they go.

In this review of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck I am going to tell you what I think of it so far.

Quality of Materials of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck

This Cozy Truck is built to the same high standards that the Cozy Coupe is. It is made of high grade molded plastic that lasts for years and years. The tires are made of a durable plastic that will stand up for years of riding. The wheels are set a bit high to give the authentic truck look.

The grill on the Little Tikes Cozy Truck has a very realistic look and is sturdy enough to take the abuse of many hits into a wall. Children love to ,€œbump,€. The smile in the center of the grill is very engaging, like a happy face.

Kid Friendly Features of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck

The girls love the ease of opening the door and stepping into the seat. The seat of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck is at a great height for both younger and older children to reach the floor. After all the idea behind the Cozy vehicles is that they are child powered. There is a floorboard attachment that can be used for smaller children in which case the Cozy Truck becomes parent powered.

Little Tikes Cozy Truck TailgateThere is a working horn that beeps with ease and really is not particularly annoying to the adults. The steering wheel turns readily. The wheels will turn 360 degrees so the truck can easily be maneuvered. Children of this age love to ,€œdrive,€. They also love to open the gas tank cap and pretend to be filling the truck up with gas.

Besides the look of a truck I think the other delight that I see, watching both my Granddaughters and other children, using this ride on toy is the tailgate. All manner of things are stowed in that area and the gate goes up and down frequently.

Parental Features of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Little Tikes Cozy Truck TailgateAs a grandparent (and I am very sure all parents will agree with me) I love the height of the roof. It is high enough for children of all ages to get inside the cab easily. As importantly it is an extremely comfortable height from which an adult can push. For the early years children like a push around the area from time to time. This can sometimes be very hard on an adult back. Not so with the Little Tikes Cozy Truck! There is no bending when pushing the Cozy Truck.

The only cons that I have found in the reviews are this truck can sometimes be hard to assemble. Apparently the instructions are clear so the solution to difficulty in assembly is to return the Cozy Truck for another. It appears that 1 in 20 Little Tikes Cozy Coupes have assembly problems and will be replaced. I cannot comment on this as the one that I am familiar with was assembled before we saw it. I can state that we had no trouble in assembling the Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe nor the Little Tikes Ride ‘N Rescue Coupe that we gave as Christmas gifts a year ago.

The other con is that the door does not always fit exactly. The door of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck at Roaming Rascals is slightly hard to shut. It works best if it is lifted slightly before closing. This tiny defect does not seem to interfere with the children’s joy of riding in the truck.

What Others Think of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck

As you can see we love and high recommend the Little Tikes Cozy Truck. It is also recommended by:

  • Parent’s Choice Award Recommended
  • Dr. Toy Award- Top 10 Best Toys
  • Dr. Toy Award- 100 Best Children’s Products

Currently, this Little Tikes Cozy Truck is one of the most popular products on Amazon, with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Here is what other parents and grandparents think of this Cozy Truck,€¦

,€œI just want to say that we got this for our 1.5 YO son and he loves it. You cannot get him out of it. His almost 4 year old sister loves it as well and they often use it as the centerpiece of their playtime.

I am sure it will last a good long time.,€

,€œIt is a very well built toy. Your little ones will love it. They are having a hard time pushing it with there legs but love being pushed in it and playing on it. All in all A great buy.,€

,€œSanta brought this for our 2-year-old. He absolutely loves it! I like that it is a little higher than the typical cozy coupe car. We put it together in less than an hour with no issues.,€

,€œWe just gave this to our 1 year old for Christmas and it is such a big hit. It took us less than an hour to put together (me and my husband) and the directions were so easy to follow. It is made of tough plastic so I don’t see it getting damaged. We put a big bow on it under the tree and he walked right over to it and immediately starting playing with it. The whole day we kept saying this is by far the best Christmas gift ever… it glides so smooth with a little spot for parents to put their hands to push with ease. It looks adorable and is a good size that we could see him playing with it for years. I would also recommend this toy for girls too…,€

Where Can I Read More Reviews of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck?

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Where To Purchase the Little Tikes Cozy Truck?

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