Glamour Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds

 Glamour Dollhouse with Lights and SoundsGlamour Dollhouse with Lights and Sound will make playtime feel more real than ever! Let your children spur great imaginations as they experience a slice of real life activities. This detailed and magnificent dollhouse resembles like a real home and perfect for children who want to pretend play as grownups. Indeed, playtime will be four times more enjoyable with this four-leveled dollhouse.

Glamour Dollhouse with Lights and Sounds features:

,€¢ Four-story doll house
,€¢ 19 colorful furniture and pieces
,€¢ Piano, chandeliers and stove light up at a push of a button
,€¢ Dazzling patterns on the walls and floors

This brightly colored house showcases beautiful working lights, realistic sounds and distinct furniture sets that will surely help to enhance a child’s vivid imagination. Fashion dolls that do not exceed 11.5 inches in height will find a new home with the Glamour Dollhouse. Children will delightfully indulge in hours of imaginative play as they see their doll’s life unfold in front of their eyes.

The authentic sounds produced from the flushing of the toilet, playing the piano and sizzling stove will entice children even more. The best thing is all of these will come to life with just a touch of a button. Children’s imagination will go wild when they see its vividly colored walls and elaborate designs. On top of that, the presence of 19 eye-catching pieces of furniture will make them feel as if they are really standing in front of a real home. They can excitedly observe their doll’s life in different vantage points by watching them through its six large windows. With a single push of a button, children will instantly engage into a beguiling play time experience as the bedroom vanity mirror, the two elegant chandeliers and the stove light up.

The Glamour Dollhouse is best suited for children three years and above. A word of caution: small parts are included, thus, parental supervision is highly advised.

Allow your children to delve into a world of creative and imaginative play by giving them this fantastic Glamour Dollhouse with Light and Sounds!

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