Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

Parent Review of the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard
During the Christmas holiday, my husband and I spent some time traveling to visit both grandma and grandpa. The kids haven’t been able to see either of their grandparents for some time, so we decided it was the perfect time to go on a road trip. While we had always flown in the past, it didn’t seem like a good idea to travel that distance on a plane just yet, especially since my son is still a bit too young to behave through a four hour flight. So, we packed up the kids, loaded up the van, and started on our trip to California!

Since we were going to be staying in small hotels and taking breaks at rest stops, I decided it would be easier to buy some traveling baby items for the trip. With my mother putting the fear of bed bugs in me, I decided it wasn’t a good idea to use the baby cribs provided by most hotels. Instead, I took the advice of my best friend and bought the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard. After spending two weeks traveling, here is what we think so far of this play yard.

Assembly & Durability

When we first went out looking for a portable crib or play yard for my son for this trip, our major concerns Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yardwere it being inexpensive, safe, and easy to take apart. We knew there were play yards cheaper than $112 (price on Amazon at the time), but many of these play yards seemed like they would fall apart if they were looked at it funny, never mind taken apart and abused during a trip. Before purchasing it on Amazon, we went to the retail stores and looked at the different play yards. The Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard was the only portable crib that we could find that met my husband’s safety standards, which were being firm and structurally sound.

What I liked the most about this play yard was that it came with a portable travel bag that could fit both the bassinet and play yard. Since we were dealing with three children, having something that wouldn’t be too bulky and easy to transport seemed like a good idea in my book! As well as being easy to transport, the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard also had lockable wheels, something that is rare on most play yards.
When my husband first assembled the baby play yard, it was a piece cake, mostly since it was assembled out of the box. The real test for the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard, however, was during our first night at a hotel. I was worried that we were going to have to take apart the entire play yard during traveling, but this wasn’t a concerned at all, especially since it folded down quickly with just a push of a button! Through the whole two weeks of traveling, we had no parts come off the play yard, torn fabric, or any accidents caused by it being unsound. If anything, I was impressed that it was still usable and looked like new after the trip!

Child Comfort With the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

While looking at different play yards and portable cribs for the trip, the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard first came to my attention because it came with a bassinet and a changing table. Like some other parents had stated, the changing table wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was doable for the trip. The issue that I had with the portable changing table was that it tilted a bit to the right with my son on the table, making it something I would never use on the play yard. As something to put him in while changing him on the bed, however, it worked perfectly. Since it was a free item in my mind, I didn’t care too much about the changing table being a bit cheap.

What impressed me the most about the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard was the fact that it came with a quality bassinet. The bassinet pad is not only made well, but is flat and firm, perfect for a little baby. It Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yardis rare to find any crib or play yard that comes with a full size bassinet, something I considered a win win, especially since it was useable. My little man slept throughout the night in this bassinet; giving mommy and daddy some much needed sleep as we prepared for the next day of driving.

While it wasn’t used as much until we made it to grandma and grandpa’s home, I was also happy that the play yard itself came with padded floorboard that wasn’t too soft. My little guy loved playing with his toys and watching the adults in this play yard, giving us some peace and quiet as we put together Santa toys for the girls. Since it also came with a convenient storage shelf, I could also keep all of my baby items handy in case we had any accidents on Christmas morning.

Stylish & Chic Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

I have to admit, the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard wasn’t only useful with all of its extra baby items, but very stylish. It was the prettiest play yard I saw when shopping, making it a no brainer for me to purchase on Amazon. While it comes in different materials, we bought the Orion design, which was a cute chocolate color that matched some of our other nursery items. Unlike other play yards, the material was also completely washable, allowing me to clean up any spit ups or spilled bottles easily from the fabric.

Even though the style is very cute, I have to say that I love the cute little teddy bear toys. This play yard comes with a toy bar containing three teddy bear toys held on by Velcro. My son loves looking and feeling these cute little bears, to the point that we attached one to his car seat while traveling. The toy bar on the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard is also the right size to fit other ringed toys, making it perfect for bringing along some of our son’s other favorite toys that are usually attached to the toy bar on his crib at home.

Included with the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

  • Play Yard
  • Full Size Bassinet
  • Changing Table
  • Toy Bar with 3 Teddy Bears

Others Opinion of the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

I have to admit, I will be sad when I have to put this play yard in storage when my son reaches 25 pounds since it is one of the best portable play yards I have seen in a long time. So far, I am not the only parent who loves this cute play yard. On Amazon, the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard has a 4.5 out of five star rating. Here is what other parents and grandparents have to say about the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard.

“I bought this for my 8wk old son to sleep in at night and he loves it. I use the bassanet part for him and I set up the changing table and extra baskets for his bottles and diapers. And its perfect. It keeps everything organized when your sleepy at night. The color is a lot nicer than the picture they show. Its steardy and easy to put together. I’m glad I didn’t buy a separate bassanet and just got the two-for-one deal.”
“I purchased this play yard for my new grand daughter to use when she comes to my home. It is well constructed, sturdy and attractive. I love that it has a bassinet which can be removed when she is grown enough to use the play yard and the changing table has a storage area for diapers and other necessary items. I am surprised at the bargain price!”
“This is a must have product for anyone with an infant! I find the convenience of having an extra changing station/ crib downstairs makes life so much easier. Simple to assemble and break down and comes with pockets for storage galore. I’d highly recommend this pack and play to my friends and family.”

Where Can I Read More Reviews

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Where to Buy the Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard

The Safety First Travel Ease Elite Play Yard can easily be purchased on Amazon’s return policy on baby items is also one of the best on the market, allowing you up to 365 days to return the play yard. In other words, you may not even have to worry about the manufacturer’s warranty if you have issues!

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