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Nintendo DSi XL RED Bundle
When my son was born earlier this year, my girls were excited to have a little brother. As time passed, however, we were quickly finding that the girls were a bit jealous not to have as much time with Mommy and Daddy. While we tried dividing our time, it is a bit difficult with me working from home as well. To help make things easier, my parents had the idea of getting the kids two portal gaming systems that would help keep them occupied once homework was finished. While I was nervous about this at first, I finally agreed with the stipulation that the systems must have learning games for my girls.

After bringing my kids to school, I got online with my mother and we started researching online to see what would be the best system for my girls. With so many different portal video games system available, we were unsure where to even begin our search. Eventually, we decided that the girls should have a Nintendo DSi XL since it did have some learning games for kids and was larger than the typical DSi. My mother’s biggest concern was what colors we should choose for the girls since there were so many! After searching for some time, however, we found the perfect solution – the Nintendo DSi Red Bundle. This red collector’s addition was meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mario, one of my daughter’s favorite game characters! Immediately, my mother ordered two of these systems from Amazon for my girls. So far, here is what my family thinks of the Nintendo DSi.


Out of the box, I must say that the Nintendo DSI XL Red Bundle has to be one of the best gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. After reading some reviews online, I was worried the kids wouldn’t like the Nintendo DSI with all the problems people were having with them. Luckily, the Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle is second generation hardware, meaning that Nintendo has removed all the bugs from the DSi, making it perfect for kids!

Compared to my original Gameboy, I am amazed just how much Nintendo has changed their portal system. The kids now have two large touch screens to play on, with each screen being about 4 inches diagonal, allowing them to easily view this angled screen. As well, the Nintendo DSi XL is about 93% larger than the DSi Light, making it perfect for kids with small hands (or is klutzy like mine!) My girls also feel like big kids using the stylus that came with the Nintendo DSi XL. While they can use the touch screen, they seem to think it is more fun playing with the stylus since I use something similar on my IPad 2.

Unlike the original portable system put out by Nintendo, you can also easily download games from the DS shop. With the help of Mommy and Daddy, my girls have been downloading different Nintendo exclusive games from the store. I was very scared of this feature at first, but luckily there are parental controls to keep kids from purchasing items on their own. So far, there seems to be endless possibilities of what the kids can do with this DSI Bundle!


As a parent, I was very concerned about my daughters getting two of the Nintendo DSI game systems. I am very picky about what systems go into our household since I do not like violent games. I have to admit, Grandma and Grandpa outdid themselves with the Nintendo DSi XL Bundle that they purchased on Amazon. Like most kids, my daughters absolutely love Mario! The girls loved these red Nintendo DS is since they weren’t too girly or boy colors, making them feel special that they had something made for Mario. My girls love to look at the little Mario stickers on the Nintendo DSi XL and tell me what each of them are, something that amuses my husband and myself since we also grew up with Mario.

Since we are tight with the new baby, I was very happy with the Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle came with Mario Kart and other prebuilt games. While I love Mario, I am most excited about the two games that came pre-programmed in the Nintendo DSI – Brain Age Express Math and Brain Age Express Arts and Letters. I am always a sucker for learning games, so these were definitely a treat. My husband was also looking online and noticed that there were other games we could download for the DSI XL. This is likely going to be something we are going to use this Christmas when we go traveling to visit our parents.

Like the Nintendo Wii, many of the games for the Nintendo DSiare meant to be played with other players. While there are some games that allow you to share one DSI, my girls love playing against each other in the car on their own Nintendo DSi XL, allowing me some peace and quiet while I am driving them to school. Of course, this also helps when their new little brother is taking Mommy and Daddy’s attention.

Kid Friendly

Having had a Nintendo Gameboy as a kid, I am surprised just how much the Nintendo has changed their little portal game system. Not only is it a portable game system, but it is able to browse the internet, take pictures, be an instant messenger, a drawing tool, and let my girls listen to music. While the Nintendo DSi XL may look expensive upfront, it is rather cheap when you realize what all this allows kids to do.

Now, I wasn’t too excited about the camera function in the Nintendo DSI since my oldest daughter had a Panasonic Lumix DMC camera. My youngest daughter, however, is very excited to have her own little kid friendly camera. She has been taking pictures of everything in our household with her DSI and playing with the ten different interactive lenses. Of course, big sister also loves helping her manipulate photos and making the pictures look silly. As well, my eldest daughter has also figured out how to use the duel camera as a webcam so that the girls can talk and interact while playing games. While it may seem silly with them playing in the same room together, it has them working together and smiling, something that I love as a parent. I always love to see my girls working together! Along with Pictochat (a messenger and drawing program) I can’t keep my girls away from the DSI!

Another feature of the Nintendo DSi XL that I love is the DSI sound program. This program won’t just let my daughter listen to music, but record her own voice and allow her to manipulate sound. So far, she has been recording her voice and making herself sound like a little mouse, something that is quite cute. While she can also do this with music, my eight year old isn’t as interested in this feature. My husband and I have played with this feature a bit ourselves though and found that it is quite entertaining.
Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle
Of course, the Nintendo DSI comes with quite a few games. My girls are already trading games with their friends at school. We are planning on buying them Kirby Mass Attack and Sonic Colors for Christmas since they are borrowing these games quite a bit from friends. So far, I think the Nintendo DSI has more kid friendly games that kids can play on their own than Nintendo Wii, making it perfect for our small family!

What Others Are Saying

My girls absolutely love the Nintendo DSI, especially this special Nintendo DSI XL Red Bundle with Mario Kart. With how my girls play this system, I would easily give it a five star rating, especially with its long battery life. So far, the Nintendo DSI red bundle has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, one of the highest ratings for any portal gaming system on Amazon! Here is what other parents and gamers think of the Nintendo DSI,€¦

,€œIf you are going to get a DSi you might as well get the XL version. It larger screen is great. This bundle comes with Mario Kart DS, which is a good first game to have, the multi player function is fun. Plus the DSi has online support. Overall the DSi XL is a great system.,€
,€œNot sure why this doesnt have all 5 star reviews, its that good. The screen size is much larger and better than the old DSi and the entire unit looks supersized. This is NOT too big for a small kid, my 4 year old loves it, cant get it away from him. It took him about 15 minutes to get used to Mario Cart game and driving while holding down the A button, but by the end of the day he was in 1st place every time. I suggest you buy the screen protectors and install immediately if you have little ones in the house. ,€œ,€¨,€¨,€œThe Nintendo DS has been the best handheld game system of all time and well worthy of that! It has a great library of games and over all great performance. When the DSi came out, it just added a lot more with the downloadable games, applications, and other dsiware. It also had a movie maker, a sound channel for music, and other cool features.,€
,€ This was a B-day gift for our 7 year old. We thought it a good value since it came with Mario Kart for not much more $. Love the big screen and that it has brain age downloaded. He has fun with the 2 cameras too.,€
,€œThis was a great bundle for the price. My 10 year old daughter loves Mario Kart game. She also loves the extra large screen. She loves the drawing feature also.

Where Can I Read More Reviews

If you would like to learn more about the DSi, Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle, I highly recommend reading the other reviews written by owners of this portal gaming system on You can read some of the other reviews on this kid friendly game system right here.

Where to Buy the Nintendo DSI XL Red Bundle

Both of the Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundles purchased for my daughters were purchased on Not only was Amazon one of the few places that had this special Mario Brothers collectors system, but they had it cheaper than anywhere else online. My family has always been big fans of since they offer free shipping and the best return policy of anywhere online. Anytime I have ever had problems with toys or electronics purchased on Amazon, they are quick to give me my money back. Nowhere else online is that easy when it comes to kids toys! If you are a busy parent like me, you will love the convenience of purchasing from!

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