Lego Hogwart’s Board Game

Parent Review of the Lego Hogwart’s Board Game

Lego Hogwart's Board Game
As a parent, I try my best to buy as many educational toys as I can for my kids. The only problem I have is that many of these games are boring or just not fun for kids. The only learning toy I have found that both of my kids love is Legos. Since they both love Lego sets so much, I usually try to buy a new set for each of them on holidays, allowing them to have something fun that they can build together or apart. After hours of searching online, I bought two Lego sets, the Lego Technic Snow Groomer and the Lego Creator Helicopter for my son’s birthday, fairly certain he was going to love both of them!

Everything was going well as he opened his presents, until I saw that one of his friends bought him the Lego Creator Helicopter. Oops. Luckily, the Snow Groomer was a hit at least and he does love the Helicopter. Thankfully, returned the Helicopter I bought for him. After searching on their site for awhile with my kids, we found the Lego Hogwarts board game. Until seeing this game, I had never seen a Lego board game! Being curious, we all agreed to purchase this Harry Potter board game, thinking it might be fun. After having the game for a month, here is what we think of the Lego Hogwarts board game.


For anyone who has ever built a Lego set, you know that some sets can be very simple, while others can easily take hours to build. Since I was looking for a board game the whole family would enjoy, I was very worried that building the Lego Hogwarts board game was going to literally take hours, like some of my sons other Lego sets. To my surprise, the game was very easy to assemble, taking only about twenty minute to a half hour. I know I have spent longer than that setting up for a Monopoly game with adults!
Lego Hogwart's Board Game
Since the game uses typical Legos, the Hogwarts board game was very easy for my children to assemble on their own, even with some of the unique pieces. What impressed me the most is how creative my son got with the game when he was playing with friends! Not only were they building the game by the directions, but they were adding other Lego pieces, making the board even more difficult. Since this required more strategic thinking, I thought this was a great addition. My only rule with adding Lego pieces to the game is that the Lego Hogwarts board game pieces need to go back in the box, not with the rest of their Legos since my youngest daughter also loves playing this game. I can’t really think of any other game we own that is this customizable, making it a win-win for everyone on family game night.

Kid Friendly

When the Lego Hogwarts board game first showed up from Amazon, I was unsure what to really think. I was worried that my children would quickly get bored with the game, since it came with so many pieces and took a bit of time to set up. To my surprise, they didn’t complain once about setting up the Lego Hogwarts board game. I don’t know if this is because it was a Lego set or that it involved Harry Potter, but I am not complaining as a parent. I have not seen them have so much fun with a board game in a very long time.
Lego Hogwart's Board GameThe only problem we have with the game is that my children are always fighting over the micro figures. My children have their favorite characters, with Harry Potter of course being the most fought over piece. These little Lego micro figures don’t just work for the board game however, they work with any Lego item. I have more than once seen Harry Potter driving my son’s Lego Technic Snow Groomer. While they do fight over the pieces, I love that the two of them can play this game together without their ages getting in the way. Both enjoy sitting down and having wizard’s duels in the Lego Hogwarts board game as they explore each buildable classroom.

Fun Factor

I can say without a doubt that the Lego Hogwarts board game is by far the most fun board game I have played with my children in a very long time. Both of them are always requesting this Harry Potter game on family game night. While the game did take some learning to begin with, it did have a very cute premise. In the game, you are your favorite Harry Potter characters who are racing to see who can turn in their homework first. To complete your homework, you must go to each room, grabbing items for the assignment. As you are exploring and looking, however, you must also deal with traps and obstacles placed by the other players, making it a very thought provoking game. My children especially love the shifting stairs and secret passages that are part of the Lego Hogwarts board game.
Lego Hogwart's Board Game
Along with playing the game as a traditional board game, my children also love role-playing with the different Harry Potter characters. Both of my children and their friends love pretending to be their favorite characters and act how they feel these characters would in those situations. As a parent, this makes for a very entertaining game to watch and listen too! Being a fun and very easy game to play, I can see why my kids and their friends love to play it.

Included in the Lego Hogwarts board game Box

  • 1 Buildable Lego Die
  • 9 Lego Micro Figures (Popular Harry Potter Characters)
  • Building Instructions
  • Rule Booklet
  • 332 Lego Pieces

What Others Think

I cannot think of any other two to four player games for kids that are as interactive and fun as the Lego Hogwarts board game. In my household, it is the most played game and my children are already begging me to purchase more Lego board games for them. From what I saw online, we aren’t the only family that has had a blast being the Lego Hogwarts board game. So far, this Harry Potter game has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating, making it a very popular children’s board game! Here is what other parents think of the Lego Hogwarts board game,€¦

,€œThe Harry Potter Hogwarts board game is an incredible value at just under $30. First you are able to build the game board, so it’s equivalent to a normal Lego set. Then you play! The introductory game play is simple enough and complex enough for both kids and adults to enjoy. My favorite part was listening to the brainstorming that occurs when players (yes, grown ups and kids) realize they can adapt the game in an infinite number of ways. Best toy I have seen to stimulate imagination, cooperation, and creativity. My eight year old son even plays with the board game by himself creating and playing out different Harry Potter scenarios. I’m very thankful the game comes in a box that is sized just right . . . small enough to store in the game cupboard and big enough to store the game board without having to take it apart. I also appreciate the rubber edges on the dice. (No need to roll the dice in the box to prevent damaging furniture!) The Harry Potter Hogwarts board game/toy deserves awards and will likely be be one of the hottest selling items during the Christmas season this year!,€
,€œMy kids are age 7 and 8. We’ve had this game for two weeks and I have played it with them non-stop every day! Building the game was lots of fun, but the game itself is even better. Players representing each of the Hogwarts houses race to collect items from four classrooms. But since it’s Hogwarts, magical mayhem gets in your way. With each turn, players are able to rotate staircases or relocate classrooms to create obstacles for their opponents. It’s great educational fun for the kids to come up with strategies to hinder their opponents while moving themselves along. There is also the ability to customize the gameplay in whatever way you want to make it easier or harder. In addition, you receive special microfigures of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Malfoy and Dumbledore which are adorable. I also love how the gameboard and game pieces are sized to fit perfectly into the box without the need to disassemble much. Definitely one of the best board games around,€
,€œThis Harry Potter board game is fantastic. It is very durable, very fun for Lego or board game fans. This board game is very durable, I’ve dropped the Lego pieces many times, even when they’re stacked, nothing ever cracked or broke, also it is a very fun game for Lego fans because you get to build your own scenario of the game using your Lego imagination, with Lego. Furthermore it is a fun game for board game fans because, it is a board game, with character a die, a create-it-yourself-board. It is a very fun toy over all!,€
,€œPurchased this for 7-yr old grandson birthday. He loved building the legos Hogwarts castle game setting; the whole family (parents, teens, 4 yr old sibling) love playing the game. Lots of twists in strategy as the stairs move, forcing you to re-think your moves. Very fun! Quick to play, keeps interest level high.,€
,€œI am 7 years old and I love this Lego Harry Potter game. My mom helped me build the base. You only have to do this the first time you open the box. Then when you are done playing it all fits in the box. What I like about it is that you can make up your own rules when you get bored with the regular rules. How cool is that!!! Also, I like just playing around with the game board by myself using the Harry, Ron and Hermione figures. It keeps me entertained every day. I definitely recommend this for moms and dads to get their kids – boys or girls, especially Harry Potter fans will really have fun playing.,€

Where Can I Read More Reviews

If you would like to learn more about the Legos Hogwarts board game, I highly recommend reading the other reviews written by owners of this Lego game on You can read some of the other reviews on this kid friendly board game right here.

Where to Purchase

One of my most favorite places to buy toys for my children is While they have this game at our local Lego’s store, it was way out of my price range, making me not consider it at first. Not only did Amazon have the Lego Hogwarts board game, but it was much cheaper than the Lego store or our local toy store, allowing me to save some extra money that I spent on other presents! At Amazon, I don’t have to worry about waiting in long lines or worrying about the toy not being able to be returned if my children absolutely hate it. I have had some bad experiences at our local toy store, making Amazon a very refreshing experience. If you want to get the best deals and service when purchasing toys like the Lego Hogwarts board game, I highly recommend purchasing it at!

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