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Apple IPad 2
Ever since my son graduated middle school, he has been begging us for a tablet. Since my husband has always let him borrow his tablet, we had been very reluctant to spend money on another tablet, especially since he wanted an IPad 2. Unlike my husband’s tablet which was only a few hundred dollars, the Apple IPad 2 was going to cost us at least $900, something that we really could not afford.

With the price recently dropping on the IPad 2, we decided to give in and get the IPad 2 for our son as a Christmas present. This lasted up until my daughter started kindergarten at our local Montessori school, which we discovered used IPad 2’s for all of their books and learning activities. With my daughter learning how to read on this tablet, we decided to buy the IPad 2 a bit early for our children. So far, here is what we think of the IPad 2 as a family tablet.

IPad 2 Ease of Use

Being someone who loves tech gadgets, I couldn’t wait to get my daughter’s Apple IPad 2 out of the box. Not having an Apple store in my area, I was a bit nervous that the IPad 2 was nothing more than hype. As someone who has never cared for the feel of a Mac, I was worried that this tablet was going to be a disappointment, or too complicated for any of us to use. I was surprised to see that the IPad 2 was everything people talked about and more.

Unlike my husband’s Android tablet, the Apple IPad 2 is very light, weighting only 1.3 lbs. Going through a book with my daughter, I was surprised at how easily she was able to hold it in her small hands, as well as manipulate the touch screen. As well, it’s operating system (iOS4) is very easy to navigate, so simple that my six year old is able to go through the screens quickly when it comes to finding her own educational games and movies.
Apple IPad 2
In many ways, the Apple IPad 2 is like my IPhone, but bigger. When my children are not using the IPad 2, I have also used it for simple tasks for work, such as checking my email and editing some simple spreadsheets. My personal love is using it as an EBook reader when I’m not browsing the internet. I have a large selection of Kindle books that I read on my laptop or my husband’s tablet. Since the Apple IPad is so much lighter than my husband’s tablet, it is much easier for me to go through my favorite magazines and books, allowing me to sit back and relax when the kids are asleep.

IPad 2 Is Kid Friendly

Apple IPad 2While I was worried that it may be too big at first, the 9.7,€ LED, backlit screen is perfect for watching movies and playing games. Since we travel quite a bit on weekends, my daughter and teenage son have played on the IPad 2 quite often during the drive. My son hates my husband’s tablet since it has very few games and has a glare during the day. While my daughter isn’t watching cartoons on the IPad 2, he is playing video games. With the system’s 1 GHz duel core processor, it is able to do just about anything he wants quickly, something that not even some of his video game systems can do easily!

The only problem we have with the IPad 2 is that it does cause quite a bit of fighting in our household. My daughter loves watching movies and playing educational games, while my son enjoys using it as a mini widescreen TV for gaming. Since it is used so often by our children, we are very thankful that it really does have close to a ten hour battery life. On a single charge, the IPad 2 is able to go anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, something that has impressed us quite a bit!

Even though my children have not used it often, the IPad 2 does have forward and rear facing cameras. My son has used it to talk to friends online a few times, but my daughter normally just uses the camera to take pictures of the family dog or interesting things in our backyard.

Games for Kids

One of the main reasons my husband and I purchased the Apple IPad 2 over cheaper Android tablets was the selection of games and applications offered in the Apple Store. My son is able to do his homework on the go on the tablet, along with playing a variety of different games that he loves. Last I saw he was playing a fighting game called Infinite Blade which looked absolutely beautiful on the IPad 2. The games that he enjoys on the IPad 2 are also fairy inexpensive, something we can’t say the same about when it comes to his PSP or Nintendo DS. With how quickly he goes though video games, my husband and I were thankful that he found cheap games on the IPad 2 that he enjoys.

As parents, we love that the Apple IPad 2 has a variety of fun educational games for our daughter. After reading some reviews online, we purchased some children’s apps for her, including writing practice and drawing programs to work on some of the concepts she is learning in kindergarten. What she loves the most is her Read Along books, which she is able to easily follow along with in the car. I personally think that has helped her reading, since she loves reading a variety of fun Disney read along books on the IPad. Anything that gets our kids interested in reading is a plus in our household!

What Others are Saying

With how popular the Apple IPad 2 is in our household, we are currently saving our money to get a second IPad for my son for Christmas. Judging by how everyone in my house loves the IPad 2, we easily give it five stars. On, it currently has 4.1 out of 5 stars. Here is what others have to say about the Apple IPad 2:

,€œIf you’re considering a tablet, the only rational choice is the iPad 1 or the iPad 2. Anything else you there is too expensive/too buggy/lacking support/etc. As someone who owns a desktop but no laptop, the iPad 2 is just perfect. A laptop would often be redundant, though it would be handy for working outside of the home. With the iPad, I will use it all the time both in the home and elsewhere.,€
,€œThe biggest change in our lives so far with the arrival of our iPad 2 is now that we have three of them, no one is without an ipad 24/7. You wouldn’t think this would be a big deal but it is. It has eliminated all discord here plus the place is quiet as a tomb most of the time as each person is curled up with his own ipad.,€
,€œMy family all pooled together to buy my son his iPad 2 (after they saw how he was responding to my 3G version). Unlike many children with autism, my son has never been very computer or technologically inclined. His interests have always been with physical and tangible objects and interests (not a bad thing, at all)… but we strongly suspected that the iPad touchscreen would change all of that!,€
,€œI absolutely love my ipad2!,€
,€œThe iPad 2 has got to be one the best things I have ever owned.,€

Where Can I Read More Reviews

You can find more reviews on the Apple IPad 2 at All of these reviews are written by real parents and grandparents just like us who have bought this item. Click here to read more about the IPad 2.

Where to Buy the Apple IPad 2

Since we do not have an Apple store in our area, we purchased our IPad 2 from Having their prime membership, we were able to get our IPad 2 with free two day shipping, allowing us to get our new toy faster than anywhere else online, including Apple! From past experience, we have also seen that Amazon is great about taking back bad electronics, something that some other retailers in our area can’t say, like Best Buy. Even if an Apple store comes to our area, we will likely purchase our next IPad 2 from Amazon since we had such a great experience!

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