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Review of Baby Bassinets: The Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo

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Not long after I found out I was pregnant with my son, my husband’s brother announced that they were going to be having a baby as well. Since they were just married not long before this, it has been rather exciting news in our family. Now that the baby is three months away, my brother and sister-in-law are hurriedly trying to get the nursery together for their new little boy or girl. Knowing that they needed help, we drove down and spent a few days with the young couple so that I could help her buy things for the nursery. We offered to get them a Davinci Kalani Convertible Crib like ours, but she is dead set that she wants a bassinet for the first three to four months.

Now, I have never used a baby bassinet, so this was a totally new experience for me. Wanting to make sure we were buying the right type of baby basinet, I decided to do some research online on basinets, as well as the two of us searching at all the local baby stores to see which basinets looked the cutest. Eventually, we decided on the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo. While there were many cheaper bassinets on the market, we thought this was the safest and most elegant for her new baby. Here is what we thought of the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo.


Never having used a bassinet for children, my first concern was safety. While my sister-in-law was determined to have a baby bassinet, I was fairly certain she would do just fine with a crib like we had done for all of our children. When we found the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet ComboI have to admit, I was impressed. This wooden bassinet was sturdy and had great supports. Many of the bassinets that we had tested in stores were terrible. I wouldn’t trust putting a newborn kitten in them, never mind my new niece or nephew. When this bassinet said it could hold a 25 pound baby, I believed it.

To test the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo in a store, we put my son in some of the more sturdy bassinets. While he is only fifteen pounds, we could tell which baby bassinets were sturdy quickly with just his weight. Many of them unnaturally rocked or made odd creaking noises that made me feel very nervous as a mother. The <target=”_blank”>Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo,however, was not only sturdy, but seemed to be just right for my son, with a firm mattress and just the right amount of movements.

Once we decided on a baby bassinet, we had one of the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet sent to my sister-in-law’s home from Amazon. Since it arrived in two days, my husband was able to help his brother put the bassinet together. The only complaint they both had with this bassinet was that it was a bit difficult to put together due to cheap hardware that came with the bassinet. After a bit of debate, they went and bought real tools (my brother in law isn’t very handy!). Once the bassinet was put together, my husband gave it his seal of approval.

Stylish &Chic

After purchasing a Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo for my sister-in-law, I am very seriously considering buying one of these bassinets for our son. It looks truly beautiful in her nursery. When I see this Elegant Wooden Basinet Combo in her room, I am reminded of an old Victorian nursery. I am trying to talk her into getting the Davinci Kalani Convertible Crib to go along with the basinet, since I think these two pieces of furniture will truly look breathtaking next to one another.

When my husband and I purchased this baby bassinet on Amazon for my sister-in-law, we went with the espresso finish with off white eyelet. While they do sell this same bassinet in all white, I personally thought this one would look better with the Victorian look she is trying to have in her nursery. As well, the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo comes with cute matching baskets that fit easily below the bassinet. I liked this since it means that you can store baby toys and extra diapers under the table (I use cloth diapers, so this was really cool in my opinion). The entire matching combo set makes the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo a win win in my book.

Ease of Use

While staying with my brother and sister-in-law, we decided to test out the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo to see how it would work for their future baby. My son spent the last three nights we were there sleeping in this bassinet. He truly loves it! I was nervous at first about the vibration unit (I confused it for a rocker) but it seems to only barely rock your baby, making a smoothing motion to help your little one to get to sleep. Also, the bassinet comes with a music player that plays five songs. These songs are typical for most baby units, so I would not recommend getting multiples of these music makers. What makes this music player different, however, is the fact that it automatically shuts off after fifteen minutes. This keeps the batteries from dying early or more importantly in my mind, parents from going crazy.

My sister-in-law is also crazy about the night light that is on the unit. While some other parents are crazy about this attachment, I am neutral. I keep nightlights in most of my sockets. If you do not have one, however, you may find this nightlight useful for when you are getting up in the middle of the night to check on the baby. What I truly love is the fact that the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo is mobile. This baby sleeper is on easy to roll wheels, allowing a new mother to move their sleeping baby around rooms as they do daily chores or work. To me, this is the selling feature that may get me to buy one of these for my son. He slept through my sister-in-law rolling him around in this baby bassinet, something that I was happy to see since he is not a very heavy sleeper.

Of course, the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo also got my seal of approval when I found out that everything was machine washable, including the mattress. My sister-in-law seemed to think I was being paranoid, but if you are a mother, you know exactly what is going to happen to all these linens. The fact that they can easily be thrown in the washer makes it even easier for a busy mom like me to get things done throughout the day. While my sister-in-law doesn’t think this is a big deal, she obviously has never had to hand wash baby items!

Included with the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo

When you purchase the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo,there are a few things you can expect to find in the box. Here is what this adorable baby bassinet comes with:

  • Mattress Pad
  • Liner Set
  • Bassinet
  • Hood
  • Baskets with Liners
  • Vibration/Music Unit
  • Wood Support with Wooden Legs
  • Wheels
  • Hardware

Others Opinion

Based on how my son slept in this bassinet, my husband and I personally give the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo a five star rating. It is one of the few baby items that I have seen that look truly stunning in a nursery and does its job well. With how this bassinet is made, I could easily see my sister-in-law putting it in storage once her new son or daughter outgrows it. While it is made well, I would not recommend going over the 25 pound limit just to be safe.

On Amazon.com, the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo has a 4 out of 5 star rating. Here is what others have had to say about this bassinet.

,€œI really like how this bassinet looks. The hardware for assembly was cheap and my husband had to adapt. Otherwise no issues.,€

,€œI bought this for our third (and last) child. We were always able to borrow bassinets, but not this time and I wasn’t having any luck getting a decent second hand one. ,€¨Underneath the frills this is an old fashioned white wicker basket, made of very sturdy plastic – the Burlington Baby Elegance. the timber is very nice quality, it doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s nice and deep and long. Easy to put together. The only thing I would like it to do is for the castors to be lockable, they aren’t, but you can swing them around and not use them. It comes with a gadget for playing music etc, something I won’t be using with two other young ones around – currently they think its a toy and the batteries aren’t even charged. so it would just cause grief if the batteries were working. I like the idea of the night light though; it would be nice to have the light and no music.,€

,€œThis bassinet is a cute bassinet and it can tolerate a lot more weight than the other bassinets we were looking at in the store,€

Where Can I Read More Reviews

You can find more reviews on the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo at Amazon.com. All of these reviews are written by real parents and grandparents just like us who have bought this item. Click here to read more about the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo.

Where to buy the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo

Even though you can purchase the Burlington Baby Elegance Wooden Bassinet Combo at retail stores, I would highly recommend buying it at Amazon. I hate trying to juggle big boxes around in my car, especially when I am dealing with the kids. To make matters worse, you just can never seem to fit these big boxes in the car with car seats, a stroller, diaper bags, and toys. Not only is getting this shipped right to your house easier, but cheaper! I know there was a $30 difference for us when we priced Amazon and other stores in my sister-in-law’s area. Amazon’s return policy on baby items is also one of the best on the market, allowing you up to 365 days to return any baby item. Really, how could you go wrong? I know I have had to return plenty of baby items in the past and this policy is really the best I have found.

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