Review of the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse

Review of the Best Finished Dollhouse: The Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse

Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse
About a month ago, my husband and I were struggling with what to get our oldest daughter for her birthday. We had been getting slight little hints every time we went to the toy store that she wanted a Barbie house. This seemed like a rather simple request, until we saw the price Mattel wanted for these cheaply built plastic doll houses. Not only were they expensive, but we knew the house wouldn’t last past minutes in our household. If our daughter didn’t destroy it, our family dog or her younger sister was sure to be the end of one of these plastic dollhouses.


Refusing to buy one of these cheap dollhouses, my husband went on a quest to get our daughter a finished doll house, similar to what his sister had growing up. While these miniature dollhouses were cute, they were way out of our budget. After buying the miniature dollhouse and dollhouse accessories, we would have been paying hundreds of dollars for the house, not including the price of dolls for it.


The more we looked we started becoming discouraged, until we found that Kidcraft sold dollhouses. We have always been a big fan of this toy manufacturer, and a Kidcraft dollhouse seemed ideal, especially since they had large doll houses. Looking at all of these finished doll houses and reading different reviews, we finally settled on the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse. After putting the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse through our reviewing process, here is what we (and our two daughters) thought of this finished doll house.




From the moment we opened the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse, we were truly shocked by the craftsmanship of this children’s toy. Even though the toy said it was made of solid wood, we were very reluctant to believe this. Most ,€˜solid wood’ items today are made from pine wood, which chips or breaks just by staring at it a bit too hard. This Kidcraft Dollhouse was different. Each piece of the toy was made using true solid wood, making it sturdy and heavy. There was no way our children were going to destroy this house during a rough housing moment!


Having researched quite a few doll houses on the market today, I was expecting this house to be garbage and mostly plastic. From the moment you see the house together, it is truly breathtaking. In many ways, it reminded me of old Victorian mansion with a modern twist. My husband got a kick out of the textures on the walls and floors, something you rarely ever see in children’s toy. As well, the windows for the house were strategically placed and wide enough for our girls to see their dolls at work from nearly any angle.

Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse
What personally shocked me the most about the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse, however, was the furniture. I was expecting the furniture to be cheap and plastic, especially in a dollhouse that you can purchase this cheap. Instead, most of the pieces were made from solid wood and fabric, giving a more realistic look to the house. Some pieces, however, were plastic, such as the staircase. This is probably the flimsiest part of the entire house. Since it kept coming off during play, my husband eventually just used epoxy glue on the stairs. So far, we have not had any other issues with the house or stairs. Everything in the house is built to be solid and withstand the abuse of multiple small children, something we greatly appreciate in our household!




Do not disillusion yourself into believing that the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse can be built in an hour or two. My beloved husband kept putting off building the house for our daughter’s birthday – and boy did he pay for it! If you have ever put together children’s toys, you know that they can sometimes be the most trying item to assemble. With both of us working on this dollhouse, it took us about four hours to assemble.


Before you start panicking, realize that this is mostly due to the size of the house. To make the house easy to ship, it was divided into many small pieces. We personally did not have any problems with broken or missing pieces. Unlike many toys, the house itself was very easy to assemble and user friendly – just time consuming. What impressed my husband quite a bit about the house is the fact that all the screws fit in the holes perfectly, something that is rare for any assemble yourself furniture or toy.

Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse
The instructions also recommend using their own tools and avoiding power tools. We highly recommend using your own tools and using power tools in safe areas. While it is possible to strip the screws, the house is very sturdy. The only problem area we did find in the entire assembly process was the elevator. It was very stiff and difficult for a child to move. Looking at other reviews, we found that many other owners of the Majestic Dollhouse have this same issue. Luckily, another parent had the brilliant idea of putting some dish soap or oil on the elevator. After doing this, it worked great!
Even though my husband had some fun joking about it, there are also support straps with the house. These straps are a must if you live in an area with earthquakes or worry that this house may come down on your child. Remember, the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse is huge, which is a benefit and a plus, meaning that this 54 pound toy could easily be a hospital trap if it landed on your child. While we personally did not think that this could happen in our house, we are glad the manufacturer thought about this issue.


Kid Friendly


Looking at this toy put together, we knew it was going to be a hit. Being 5’2, I couldn’t help but be in awe of this giant house since I am eight inches taller than it! This 4 ,½ ,€˜ house is truly breathtaking, with it’s eight large rooms and thirty-four pieces of furniture. It even has a cute little garage! This interact house truly seemed like a dream come true for any little girl, and a parent’s nightmare if you don’t have anywhere to put it. With the house being 51,€ wide, we have it in our living room, allowing our daughters to have somewhere to play with it together, avoiding fighting and without trying to fit the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse in either of our girl’s rooms.


So, does this have the little girl seal of approval? Well, if our daughter’s scream of joy was any indicator, I would say yes. We almost wish we put this gift off till Christmas, but it will likely be considered one of her best birthday presents. She is especially happy that she can play with all of her dolls in the house. We bought the Doll Family of 7 Caucasian set to go with the house, but she seems to prefer playing with those dolls, and her Barbies in the house. We hadn’t even considered that her Barbies would fit in the house – so that was a huge plus! While Barbie’s convertible doesn’t fit in the garage, she doesn’t seem to care about this too much.
Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse

We were a bit worried that she wouldn’t want her younger sister playing with her as well, but the house is so big that they can both easily do their own thing. It recommends that children no younger than 36 months play with the house, and we have to agree. If you have a little one below three, we recommend watching them carefully while your oldest plays with the house due to small pieces.


Overall Rating & Other’s Opinion


In our household, we would give the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse Five Stars. It has withstood the roughhousing of two girls under the age of six, including some small bickering over furniture. If we had to do it over again, we would happily buy this house again.
Today, the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse is one of the most popular doll houses sold on, with a 4.9 out of 5 star rating. Every parent who has come across this house agrees that this house is a must for any little girl. On, here are what some other parents are saying about the Majestic Dollhouse,€¦

,€œIt IS HUGE! The children in the display photo are not scaled down. Some people may not like this, but I however; love it! We have two toddler girls, and needed something that would be big enough for both of them to play with to avoid future temper tantrums.,€
,€œWe purchased this for our daughter for Christmas and it’s awesome.,€
,€œThis house is VERY sturdy, and very BIG! We have 3 small girls who will be absolutely thrilled on Christmas morning 🙂 The doll furniture is beautiful, wonderfully made and put together very well!,€
,€œWe absolutely love this dollhouse!!,€
,€œGotta say that this blew me away when I saw it.,€


Where Can I Read More Reviews


You can find more reviews that were written by real parents on the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse at Click here to read more about this Kidcraft Dollhouse.


Where to Buy the Kidcraft Majestic Dollhouse


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