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Review of the Radio Flyer Wagons

Radio Flyer Wagon

It does not seem to be possible to get through the child rearing years without a good wagon. In our family we own no less that three Radio Flyer wagons. All three of them are the large heavy-duty red plastic models. Two them have the UV protection canopies.

A fellow reader had this to say:

With two young children that love to get out for any reason I adore this wagon. Its great for short trips to the park or down to the ice cream shop, decorating and walking in the local parades, Day trips to the beach – you name it. My chidlren both get very excited when I pull this out because they know something fun is going to happen. Now with a third child coming I only wish they would make a three seater….. Though the ride is so smooth and easy to pull my eldest is easily able to pull her brother around in it (with supervision of course), which they both enjoy as well.

The large Radio Flyer wagons have seats that open and fold. There are five different ways to use the seats. With both seats up there is plenty of room for two children to sit comfortably. Behind the back seat there is a storage area for all those extras. It is billed as parent storage but my experience has been that it is usually filled with things for the children. If you only need to pull one child you have the choice of using a covered storage space or with both seats up the area where there could be another child allows for a deep storage area. This is perfect when going to the beach or the grocery store. The unoccupied seat’s back can provide an activity table for the child that is riding. Finally both seat backs can be put down and you then have a flat bed wagon. This is great for a sleeping child or if you want to haul something.

Another Grandparent just like us J. Van Horne had this to say:

This is a great wagon for older infants and toddlers. Well made. Rubber tires and easy to pull. Seat beat straps function well. Canopy was purchased for grandson in Texas, bought two more for grandchildren in the north. Total three purchased, They are all used almost every day.

Highly recommend.

Radio Flyer Wagon

Another Grandparent Donna in Cal thinks it is great.

We gave our Grandaughter the ultimate comfort wagon for her first birthday. It was easy to assemble and she just loves to ride in it. She sits up and just looks all around as she holds on. The only problem is she doesn’t want to stop riding. She is able to see so much more than when she is in the stroller. The canopy is just great for keeping the sun from being directly on her. We would recommend this to everyone. Donna in Calif.

Over the years we have been grateful to have the seat belts. Our active toddlers need to be restrained for their own safety. The seat belts are just lap belts not the five point harness types of most other children’s equipment. They will slow down a child who has decided they have had enough riding. They get a child used to the fact that when in motion you need to have a seat belt. An improvement might be a five point harness however by the time that most children are out of their strollers and into a wagon the more elaborate restraints are not usually needed. If you are trying to accommodate an older child and a baby then Radio Flyer has the solution for you in the the Radio Flyer Comfort Embrace model

Radio Flyer Comfort Embrace Wagon.

The wheels on these wagons are rubber. We have found that any children’s equipment that has rubber tires stands up to hours of use better than plastic tires. The wagons are designed with non-tip front axles. The canopy can be stored in its own bag when not needed. The long handle folds underneath the wagon making the wagon easier to store. There are drink holders for both adults and children.

Radio Flyer Wagon

We have found the Radio Flyer wagons to be very helpful when there are no children to haul. The one that lives in Florida near the beach is often used to move all the things that adults need at the beach. One of the ones that lives at home has been often put to work moving garden materials.

Mom2collins uses this at the beach:

I recently moved to a beach town with this wagon. This has been the best thing for beach trips. theres plenty of room for beach chair, toys and extra clothes/diapers and of course snacks. the canopy is huge and totally covers my son. also when sand gets in, which happens all the time, you can just hose it out because there are little drain holes in the bottom to let water plus sand flow out. plus because its so easy to wash i can keep it outside instead of having it take up more room inside the house. plus now that collie is 18 months old its definitely his favorite ride. when we go to go out he asks for his wagon. Its still a great buy.

Our Grandchildren have owned and loved the Radio Flyer tricycles. These have been such a success that we are about to but two more.

Radio Flyer Wagon

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