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Review of Radio Flyer Tricycles

Radio Flyer Duel Deck Tricycle
We are currently in the market for two new tricycles for our soon to be two year old twin Granddaughters. Since our older Grandchildren have had and loved their Radio Flyer Tricycles and we have owned three, Radio Flyer wagons, we are leaning that way. However five years have passed since we last purchased tricycles and we thought it a good idea to explore the market first.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle
In exploring the tricycles that are currently on the market we find that the Radio Flyer three-wheel bikes are still the best sellers. The strong construction with easy turning radius makes this brand of trikes a very durable choice. They stand up to a lot of abuse. They are adjustable so they are suitable for children ages 2 to 5. I can attest to the fact that they don’t tip very easily.

Our twins who are just 19 months are crawling up on these tricycles at a playgroup that we attend. They cannot yet reach the pedals but love to be pushed around on them. I think the idea of buying the models with the push handles is an excellent idea. It certainly saves on Grandparents and parents backs.

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll,® TrikeOur little girls also love the Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike with the covered storage bin at the back. They delight in putting things in the bin and then taking them out again. With this model you can also steer from the push handle at the back. The girl’s model comes in either pink or purple and the boy’s model in a combination of red and blue. It does not come with a restraining belt but if you are nervous about your toddler falling off you can easily install one. This one has a 10-inch front wheel but if you need a smaller one the Radio Fold 2 Go Trike’s front wheel is just 8.5 inches.

M. Princess likes the Steer and Stroll

this was the best trike ever. My grandaughter loves it and as she is still too young to peddle and stear her mo m can easily do this and she will be able to use this trike as she grows until she can use a tweo wheeler

K. Seigal was very pleased

My daughter got this pink Trike for her 2nd birthday and loves it! She can’t quite peddle hard enough to propel herself without a little help from an adult, but the bike is easy to turn using the adult bar, easy for her to get on and off by herself and really sturdy. I can see her enjoying this bike for a few years.

Radio Flyer Girls Fold 2 Go Trike, Pink

The Retro Radio Flyer Trike is just like the tricycle you had as a kid. It has chrome handlebars and fender. A bell that rings is one of the joys of a first bike. In an era when everything is plastic this trike comes with real rubber tires. A sturdy two-step rear mount and steel spooked wheels. The streamers are an added touch. With a 12-inch front wheel it will see your child through until age 5. Although it is advertised for age 2 and up it is much better suited for an older child of at least 3 years old. The Radio Flyers with the 10-inch front wheels are better for the younger children.

wisemother thinks it is super cute tricycle

This trycicle its amazing and very durable, much better than the plastic ones. My baby girl (two and a half) plays with it everyday and she loves to go out and ride it, I am very happy we got it for her

splynch says great tricycle

My mother in law got this for our 4 yo daughter, and she loves riding in it, very easy to put together, loud bell, and girly touches, like the streamers on the handles and of course the pink all over. Our daughter says: “I think I love it!” Definitely recommend it.

Radio Flyer Duel Deck Tricycle

Having looked at all the reviews and having had prior satisfaction with the Radio Flyer Tricycles I think we will purchase the Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trikes for the girls second birthday. This will give the adults complete control of the steering while not breaking their backs. It will give the girls lots of fun with the storage bin and the bell. I think it will easily last them until they are four at which time they can move up to theRetro Radio Flyer Trikes. We know these tricycles stand up so well that the smaller ones can be sold or donated when they are not longer needed.
Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike

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