Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Lucky Fortune Bracelets
Lucky Fortune Bracelets that are on the list of one of the most sought after items for Christmas 2019, also make terrific birthday gifts. I think these cute bracelets are going to be the next fad with young girls. They can be purchased in many different packages many that are very reasonably priced. They make great items to be collected and traded

This is a very different way to deliver cute jewelry to girls. A fortune cookie shaped bracelet holder contains a surprise Lucky Fortune charm bracelet and a matching paper fortune.

Lucky Fortune BraceletsThe bracelets have 4 different levels of rarity – Lucky, Very Lucky, Very, Very, Lucky, and Ultra Lucky. A real gold-dipped four-leaf clover is the Ultra Lucky one. There are a total of 100 different bracelets to collect. Also to add to the bracelets are 5 categories of fortune – happiness, friendship, love, success, and adventure.
The fortune cookie can be used as a key chain.

There are different ways to purchase these bracelets but Series 1 contains 4 cookies and 4 bracelets.

What Others Are Saying About The Lucky Fortune Bracelets

It seems the Lucky Fortune Bracelets are already very popular. Here are some of the comments of those who have them:

These are so cute! I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. It comes with 4 individually wrapped fortune cookies. In each cookie comes a fortune and a bracelet. The bracelets are able to tighten to make smaller. This has been our second case now and they all have been different. They are so fun to collect! Will be buying more!!
Lucky Fortune Bracelets
Daughter loved the bracelets and I personally think they’re one of the best blind box items I’ve ever seen. So much is just plastic junk but this is well-designed and may actually be worn and used for a long time!

Daughter was so excited for these!! They’re cute and easy to put on/take off. She wore them the first day and some beads fell off the strings, so not durable. I’m sure we’ll be buying more.

My daughter loved these! The presentation from the beginning to end makes the perfect gift! My daughter got the Ultra Rare on opening her first one! She was so excited she couldn’t even take it! The price is right, the cookie part you can close back up and reuse. I thought you had to throw that part away and I’m happy I was wrong about that. If your not sure on buying these just do it! My daughter was SO happy and thanked me all day long! Thank you!
Lucky Fortune Bracelets
Guys…I’m honestly in love with these. I’m a big kid at heart and really enjoy blind bag collectibles and toys. With these I feel like it’s a win win because not only are they blind BUT you can actually wear them and show them off rather than leaving them on a shelf somewhere to collect dust! For the price I think they’re pretty good quality too. One issue I do have is that if you’re not careful the string will get dirty…but I’ve kept the bracelets I wouldn’t wear and plan to switch the strings out when needed. If you’re thinking about picking a box up of these I’d say go for it! They’re just so cute and they bring me joy every time I look down at them!

Adorable blind bag style gift. The price is right, the bracelets are adorable, the fortune cookie holder is re closable and can be repurposed. I like that it isn’t just a piece of plastic, after the surprise the child can enjoy wearing the bracelet. My daughter and I each wore one for her first day of school and she said she kissed it when she missed us! My only con is that the bracelet clasp broke the last time I put mine on. It might not be made for adult wear. I’m going to find a better way to fasten it since it makes her happy when I wear it. She liked the little foldable fortune teller that came with it but they were all the same.

Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Where to Purchase the Lucky Fortune Bracelets

The Lucky Fortune Bracelets can be found at Master Mind Toys, Amazon, Walmart, Chapters/Indigo, Target, and most retail toy stores.

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