iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool

iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool

iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool
The iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool is an adult inflatable pool perfect for a summer party. The rectangular shape makes it a great family swimming pool for kids, ages 3+.
This iBaseToy swimming pool is made from heavy-duty PVC that helps it resist punctures and UV light. The three air chambers help its stability if one chamber gets a puncture. It comes with two repair patches.
Because it is easy, especially with an electric pump, to inflate it can be quickly ready for use. When deflate it can safely be stored.
There is a non-slip bottom. This is a safety feature so that young children wont slip and fall under the water.
At 103″ long, 59″ wide and 22″ high there is enough space for an adult to actually stretch all the way out. If everyone is sitting there is plenty of room for several adults plus children.
iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool

What Others Say About the iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool

I got my pool Sold by Califorliy. Well packed. I like the design of the pool and how spacious it is. The pool has a strong smell so I recommend a ventilated area after opening the box. I inflated my pool with a bike pump with the help of my 2 year old energetic son. I like to involved him in almost everything I do. I know what you are thinking.. I should have use an electric pump to save time but I couldn’t afford it plus bonding with my children is more important to me. It took us 2 days because I like to take my time. I think it is perfect for kids to play and use their imagination. I am currently using it as ball pit pool. I haven’t take the pool outside or fill with water. So far I am satisfied with my purchase. It was a birthday present for my kids. The price is a little bit to high. Two adults and 2 small children can fit with not problem.
iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool
My friend had recomend this pool as she had also bought one. I was comparing to store price and her oppion. The store wanted around 90 for the same pool with the same non slip floor larger and the outer rings are separate to inflate. To me that is a good thing just incase one gets a non repairable whole it’s not completely worthless. So that being said this past weekend we got to blow her up and swim. It took around 30-40 min for complete set up. I recommend getting an air blower. We already have one from our king size air mattress. With that it wook 10 mins to blow it up. … we have smaller children 2 and the 3 adults. Everyone fits with much space to play . I will say again the non slip floor is a MUST have with smaller children. The price was perfect as in the stores these bigger pools with so many features are pretty expensive. The FIRST swim of summer WAS great. We are very happy with it as our friend is also she has had hers for 2 years now. Durable plastics.

I bought this pool for myself and my husband (no kids) and it’s surprisingly large! The edge almost comes up to my shoulders and I can comfortably float with my entire body stretched out (5’7″) while he has room to lounge. It has 3 separate inflation chambers that ring the sides so that if you accidently damage it, the entire pool won’t collapse. Definitely worth the price!

This pool is so handy to set up for the little kids. My kids love to jump in this pool for a fun day and cool off. It’s also handy to set up empty with no water for the baby to crawl In outside. We have so much fun with this.
iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool
This is a great pool for all the family and anyone who loves kiddie pools.
I like the large attractive great pictures which are interesting for kids. These can delight any kid.
The colors are bright and vibrant with the theme remaining consistent throughout.
Its easy to setup and finally a really nice pool to bring some fun and color to your backyard without taking up too much room.

We used this pool last weekend with 2 grandkids, it’s very easy to inflate and kids enjoyed the whole day swimming in it. Just a precaution if your kids are younger than 3 years old, you need to be there and watch the whole time otherwise this is a good entertainment for kids. At the end of the day they are all worn out but happy.

This inflatable pool is very heavy when I lifted it up while inside the box because it’s really a big size. It’s bigger than I expected. I can’t wait for the summer to come. I am very excited to use this. Perfect choice if you want a pool in your backyard. I recommend to use a machine inflator than just the Manual inflator.

Where to Purchase the iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool

The iBaseToy Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool is available at Amazon.

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